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  1. Hi Scooter Guy, thanks for all the explanations!! I will try to contact Steve and Don, send some pics and start a long list of missing parts... About the paint both wheels have original paint and it will be easy to sort it out at our local paint stores. I will try to restore it to original as possible , some big parts are impossible to import since the shipping and taxes make it too expensive. I noticed that the handle bar have holes at both sides, but acording the model it should only have 1 control for acell. and brake. When I travel I try to visit as many as possible museums and classic mo
  2. Hi Scooter Guy, problably someone brought this one from USA.There wasn´t any of that stores here in Brazil. Do you know if the manual available at Yesterday´s Rides if enough to restore my DB? Or do you know the cost of the Stephen Elliott Doodlebug "Bible"? For now I have only the pics in the web for reference but certanly I will need something more complete to do a full restoration. MY little son is crazy to help me out on this one as you can see by the pics....rsrsrsrs Anyway, mine have a adaptation ( or not) to start the engine by using a cord? is that correct? Here we have this Mercede
  3. Hi Everybody , I recently purchased a doodlebug "basket case" in my country (Brazil), and I thought I would never see one this here. I started a search in the web ( should do the contrary right??rsrsrs), and found this wonderfull thread about this scooters. I will problably have to purchase some manuals first to id and before start to restore and buy parts. Here goes some pics of it. I think there is some non original parts and a lot of it missing but anyway , that´s the fun it right?( Iwonder if it was originaly painted black or just red?
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