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  1. Marty Roth, Thanks for the info and yes your right, If I remove my hardtop they do look similar. I Like your car.
  2. For what it's worth, my observation was in the langage she used, I.E. sheet metal is laser-straight, continental kit spare tire and so on, and this is coming from an oceanogragher. My comment may be out of place, but I saw her langage as a red flag. This is not to put down woman. I enjoyed reading this thread and reading the comments from others. Goodluck.
  3. I have a 40 lasalle 5019 sedan. On the dash beside the ash tray is a working pull knob marked throttle. I pull it and the engine rev's higher and stays high until pushed in. I have a carter carb with automatic choke.? what is the function of this throttle knob. I am new to this forum and slowly getting the hang of the internet and how to use it. So I will say thanks in advance for your input. Thanks.
  4. Web 38, thanks for the distilled water tip. Im sure glad to have found this site. Thanks again.
  5. Bob Call, I would like to thank you, and to say anti freeze is in.
  6. Hi, I am a new member and would like to say hello. Today I am the new owner of a 1940 cadillac lasalle flathead V-8. The former owner kept it in a heated garage and only drove it on nice sunny days and had no need for engine coolant, nor did he know what type of coolant was made for this car. I cant provide a heated space and the temperature is going down to freezing this evening. I would like to know from the members what anti freeze is to be used in this car and water to coolant ratio mix. I will say thanks now for any info received and to let the members know I have trouble using the computer and find using these websites a bit intiminating. I will strive to become more knowledgeable as I use this and other sites. Im getting on in years, old dogs new tricks. Thanks again for any input. J Rice