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  1. thanks for all the info I will print out these responses-am having an oil change in nov so will show the mechanic as to the best option to go to
  2. good evening folks I need help my 1955 roadmaster needs shock absorbers I understand shock absorbers are in the front and lever knee action is in the back when checking the shop manual-apparently there are shocks in back and front I am a mechanical idiot so can someone suggest the brand/model/type to buy at napa so I can have my mechanic install ?? are 4 shocks needed ?? thank you
  3. hi folks can someone tell me where the tps sensor is located in 1996 buick century ? i think it is a 3.1 liter engine,v6 Does one need a special tool to replace this ?? thank you
  4. in terms of the throttle position sensor would the car have to be high idlin g in order to get the code ?? when the idle returns to normal-then if using the scannner-would the code still show up ??
  5. good afternoon folks on a cold am when starting the 1996 century(fuel injection)-it high idles like crazy. I have to drive about 4 miles for the idling to come down when the car is just in drive it is going about 35 mph, not even stepping on the gas what do you thing the problem is ?? many thanks
  6. Please help i did a stupid thing-i ran out of gas while driving on the highway.i thought i still has a little less than 1/4 tank but i was wrong. i then put in 3 gall gas but has a hard time to restart and get the thing going what is the best procedure to restarting a car after one has run out of gas ?? thank you.
  7. need help gentlemen i know there have been several posts regarding hard starting for the buick i have struggle w/ starting the '55 for a long time but i think it is better now. this car has the accelerator start. over the months i have been adjusting with the lean-rich knob on the 4 barrell carter carb. .bottom line-i pressed the gas pedal to the floor once(the butterfly valve closed completely against the carb throat(like is is suppose to), then i turned the key on and pressed pedal -and ist started right away. question-on what setting should this choke adjuster be put on ??-mine is a 4 barrell carter,it has 4 marks to the left(lean) and 4 marks to the right(rich) of the mid-line setting(ribs). what are the parameters for making this work perfect ?? thank you.
  8. hello guys i have a 1955 buick roadmaster,322 nailhead v-8,compression is 9:1 i have been getting conflicting info on type of gas to use ?? should i be using regular gas or premium gas ?? Also am thinking about converting to electric fuel pump to replace the existing dual fuel/vacuum pump already in car. does anyone have good comments about doing this ?? would electric fuel pump make the car start easier ?? i would have a mechanic install,i am a a mechanical idiot ! thanks for your help j.w.
  9. hello folks living in massachusetts this winter,it was extremely cold for months on end my 1996 buick was racing(idling high) after initially starting,and then still idled fast fow many miles before idling normally can you suggest what was wrong ?? thank you p.s.-i am no mechanic
  10. gentlemen,can you help me re;buich roadmaster 1955 my front directional on passenger side flickers when directional is turned on,i took it to the mechanic,he took off the housing,lense etc, He wasnt able to remove the bulb from the sockett.he claims he will have to replace the existing sockette,the bulb # is b1034 can anyone tell me the sockette part # so i can order ??.I looked in the shop manuel but it did not mention the part number? thank you
  11. hi ntx i believe it is a 4 barrel carter thank you to all for the great advice j.w.
  12. hi mike and john i bought the car a few years ago,my mechanic suggested i send out to have the carb rebuilt.he seems to think this was a good idea.I will have it sent out. But anyway i still add marvel mystery oil to gas tank w/ every fillup,stabil,enzyme teatment addidive,occassionally a dose of dry gas. the car runs ok,but just a slight hesitation upon acceleration(he already timed it correctly etc).i just feel if the additive corrects this,start up great etc i wont bother w/ rebuilt carb any suggestions ?(i also had complete tuneup done(pts,rotor,condensor,coil,plugs,cap) thank you,have a nice w/e j.w.
  13. good evening folks i have a 1955 buick rodmaster 322 nailhead v8 i was think of adding carburator cleaner to fuel tank-the question is would this cause corrosion of the seals or gasketts or do any other harm ? could you recommended a specific type/brand of carbuarator cleaner ?? than k you
  14. good am guys i store my 55 roadmaster in an unheated 3 car garage,cement floor. can anyone suggest best remedies for keeping mice away.I have heard about the mouse traps-messy ?? and the bounce fabric towels. Anyone familiar w/ electronic noice repellent device that plugs into electrical recepticle ?? i was wondering where to purchase,name of it, and if they are effective ?? thanks for your help
  15. Good am gents;, i am thinking of doing my shock absorbers on my 55 roadmaster. i think t he rear shocks are the lever action type so i will be send them away for reconditioning. the front shocks are the "tube type"-can anyone suggest a replacement for these ie air,gas,hydraulic type, brand to buy,any other info i should know(for the front shocks) ?? thank you
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