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  1. On the driver's side I will have to fix the door handle that someone has pulled loose fortunately the part is still there The passenger side is missing, does anyone have one
  2. These are the first pics of the power windows removal, the whole structure is tatty including the gear and the window guide inside the door. Fortunately, the motor, although not very healthy should recover. I'm missing the passenger side motor, anybody out there have one for me?
  3. Some removal work: I note that the original gaskets are still inside the fenders. The fenders are really in excellent condition only a few little holes but no patch after more than 50 years, the attachment points are perfect. The rocker panels are both redone but I can deal with that.
  4. Removing the badly placed bumper, the grill is slightly crooked My first 59 Buick was so rusted these inner fender pieces were non-existent Removed the rear bench to check the floor for rust...the photo speaks for itself I can actually see the form of the floor in this car! The electrical wires under the door sill still appear in excellent condition. Test fitting my newly fabricated rear cover Original upholstery
  5. I didn't know these door trim pieces were included with the car so I had already started a reproduction of these parts. These are still in raw bronze but will be finished and chrome.
  6. Good morning, the car is in Italy and is very solid car, fantastic, there are many parts and also that i think there wasn't. Some photos
  7. Good morning, i'm Mirko from Italy and this is my new car restoration.
  8. Good morning, i'm Mirko from Italy, i have buy a 1959 buick electra 225 convertible last year and now i have start the restoration. I hope that we can help to me in this project with yours experiences. Thanks for all
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