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  1. yes i have a big passion, thanks very thanks for the compliment this is very important for the my work. my shop was born in the 80's by my father, I followed my grandfather in his work that was restoring European cars and from there the passion has always been strong. I will show you more pictures later thank you all
  2. I thank you for the compliments, the body is being prepared to shop
  3. If you like my reproductions, this is for you
  4. hey boys this projet is very hard,some parts are need and i a creator
  5. And this are "new" bucket seats, in my car there wasn't, came from a 1961 starfire
  6. Good morning i'm looking for this molding. Can we help me? Thanks Mirko.
  7. Good morning, is in sale the 1949 buick? thanks Mirko
  8. Thanks, grazie sei italiano? Di dove? Io Roma
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