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  1. Good morning, some works in this time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a couple of books but they do not see this part ..........:confused::confused:
  3. the fender there is but I do not like understand should be connected because the missing part to put the bolt.
  4. Hi Guys I'm restoring this beautiful car, but those who have done the job before me broke the fender mounts on both sides. any of you can show me how to recreate them? thanks
  5. Good morning, there are pre made wiring for sale? Can we help me? thanks Mirko
  6. Hi guys Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all. the side windows I made them do in Italy and I have already installed the chrome frame and the enclosed seal side, then put the photos. the company that had given me the glass I refunded the side windows, the windshield unfortunately you can not do anything, the distance is great, but it could happen in any case that arrives broken. a friend of mine was in the USA and took him and brought him to the windshield in wooden boxes at the port of New York is now traveling by ship with a 49 Caddy I bought. This Buick I took nine months ago, the first that I bought was really expensive and bring ariginale so we have created a sofa... thanks for the compliments thi is the old 59 Buick
  7. Thanks to all, seller refound me same money, i'm happy because he have recognized his mistake. Thanks Mirko
  8. guys do not know what to say, I have another Buick Electra convertible and to check the size of the glasses I took the old one and compared with those who had the buick White and glasses are the same and are always larger than those shipped from Autocity now because they are not made ​​in the USA I would not want to have the wrong sticker I have two Buick Electra convertible wrong? or the problem are the glasses? I do not know what to say
  9. the seller sent me an email, someone in the forum contacted him and read everything I've written, so he told me that my mistake but in fact the order is correct and the fault is his, I have attached a copy order and he did not ever feel. I do not know how the refunds but I have to be right. ok the windshield broken in 5000 miles it can happen but the glasses I wandered there must compensate me!
  10. Mister, the problem is that i ordered glass for 225 Electra convertible as in the order copy, but seller sayd that i have ordered for hard top. it's crazy, there is paper but he don't refund me money because is my error. Crazy crazy crazy
  11. Staff don't reply so i write here. I have telephon to the seller and he said that I was wrong to order glasses and I ordered for a hard top and not for convertible. Luckily I kept a copy of the order. Judge for yourself. I don't no why, but this isn't a correct seller.
  12. I wanted to ask the STAFF reason for removing "bad seller". the gentleman in question has responded to my email thanks to your forum, I'm trying to contact him for months and he tells me that most glasses are for another car when my order is correct for 59 Buick electra so I have a right to compensation . thanks!
  13. no news from the seller, I have compiled for the third time request page but I did not respond. I really think that he had been cheated. I might as well take the air out of their shop and introduce myself but I have no time during this period I ask for your help, you'll be rewarded to those who can get me the money back.
  14. noooo!!!! this message returne me These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server: sales@autocityclassics.com; Failed; 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address) Remote MTA autocityclassics.com: SMTP diagnostic: 550
  15. I sent the photo and message box sales@autocityclassics.com. let's see what they say
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