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  1. Thanks for your reply. Can you give me a range for prix? Car running, new interior, dash, new door panel new canvas top. Thanks
  2. Good morning, i’m looking to buy this car. Can we give me some info and if for you is a good car or not? matching and more? Thanks Mirko
  3. Good morning, i'm looking to buy a power brake booster core for my car, so can ship to rebuild in America and change later. Can we help/sell one? thanks
  4. Finally "finished" thanks to all IMG_1921.MP4
  5. Good morning, i'm looking to decode this tag can you help me? Thanks Mirko Style: 39-6167 convertible coupe Paint: 51 blach Trim: 36 black leather 7 ? and vinil top color? Carpet color?
  6. IMG_8109.mp4 IMG_8111.mp4 IMG_8051.mp4 IMG_8110.mp4
  7. Good morning, i'm looking this car. What we think? Is the only in Italy and i haven't new. Thanks for help. Mirko http://www.ghibligarage.com/kaiser_darrin.htm
  8. Good morning, i'm looking for a correct 1939 cadillac engine with numbers from 8290001 to 8295913. Can we help me? Thanks Mirko
  9. Engine is in progress, all parts of car will be restored
  10. Future? I have other two projects. 1949 cadillac custom in progress: http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1949-cadillac-custom.873919/ And 1939 cadillac corvertible that is just arrived in Italy in this days http://www.usacarsforum.it/forum/index.php?/topic/21030-1939-cadillac-serie-61-convertibile/ Thanks to all
  11. Also carburetor is in progress. Thanks to Mr. Carmen in New York for the restoration
  12. Now a question, the wheel rings are paint black or red?
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