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  1. Well, is a very hard restoration, but love this car. Original color is green, but was paint desert glowe and after green. Interiors are green. I don’t want do a frame off so now can do this restoration type. Now have a problem, hope you can help me. The firewall plate is miss, i’m rebuilding it. This is a pro-form. Think my car have only air ride option, we know code?

    thanks for help



                   LANSING, MICH.


    STYLE                  58-3693

    BODYN°_             M

    TRIM.                  367

    PAINT.                 30-60-31 


                  BODY BY FISCHER

  2. No, isn’t in sale. Buy this in England because i love this engine. Now haven’t a project, think was a good price so buy. Now is in transit. Hope is all ok. 

    If is a 305 is a good news?

    Thanks for all. If you can give me others specs are very appreciate. Thanks


    305 or 306?

    and, intake may have been replaced. as I can see if the engine is a 305 or 267? Selle offer it as 267

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