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  1. First, the background: In 1977, my Papa bought a brand new Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe truck. That was the same year I was born, so for as long as I've known my Papa, I've known that baby blue Chevy truck. Whenever I've thought about him I've thought about it, and vice versa. Over the past few years his health has been declining and he's been unable to drive, so about 6 years ago he sold "'Ol Blue". Well, I recently did some research and found the owner. I called him up and told him my sappy story and, while he wasn't looking to sell it, he knew why I wanted it. He was very good to me on the price and sold it to me for what he would have gotten out of it as scrap - $500. When I called my Papa and told him what I had done, he went dead silent. After a moment he began to speak again and his voice was cracking when he told me that he was very happy that I found it and that he regretted ever selling it. He was proud of the fact that, before he sold it, the only people to ever drive it were him and his children. I assured him that it was back in the family to stay this time. While I only paid $500 for it, I wouldn't sell it for a million. It's the greatest investment I've ever made. Now, the restoration: Here's where I need some input. I want to restore it to like new condition, leaving it just as it is with Papa's "touches". I've found someone who is willing to do the frame off restoration (minus engine & transmission, but I've got a guy for that) in exchange for a vehicle that I own outright. I told him that we would draw up a contract so that there would be no confusion about the job and our terms. I've already looked at some of the guys other work and he appears to be pretty good at it. However, I've never entered into this type of project before, so I don't know what kind of things to add into a contract like this. I am going to reserve the right to a third party inspection and to check on the vehicle unannounced during normal business hours, but I don't know what types of technical specifications to add (i.e. types of materials or processes to be used). Any input would be greatly appreciated. Finally, some pics:
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