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  1. Very interesting. Looks as though this car may not be worth what I thought. Still a very cool car however.
  2. When you say that they are not high dollar cars, what would you estimate the value of these cars? I currently have a 1968 harley davidson sportster that I have fully restored. I value my bike at around ten thousand. This would be a straight across trade for the car. Here is a link to the exact car The current owner stated that he paid ten thousand for the car, and after riding in it, I thought it would be a pretty good trade..........any ideas?
  3. I have the rare opportunity to acquire a 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe 14-c. This car has 48,000 original miles, is numbers matching and is 100% original. It has been in a garage here in hawaii for the last 70 years. The car stars, runs and drives. It is currently registered and passes all safety inspections. My question is on the interior. It is 100% original and all present. There are no holes in any of the interior, but it is defianately thread bare and doesnt smell the best, (mohair). Would I loose money on this car if I were to have the interior replaced? My vision for the car is a sunday cruiser to the north shore to get ice cream with my son. However, I would imagine that it is something I will keep for a few years and then try to sell. I dont want to ruin the value of the car by replacing the interior. Any insight on this?