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  1. Thanks Danny, there's no doubting the difference when you see them both like that. I agree, big asking price for something that's not correct. I'll keep looking. Peter.
  2. Danny, I requested some extra pics today (as a follow up to yours) and they are on there now....have a look, it's not the same as the box you scanned and you were right about the 37 head, no face or glass. The 38 head has a face but no frequencies on it
  3. Yeah, it's very difficult to see anything clearly in the photo Danny. I'll be interested to hear what reply you get back.
  4. Thanks Danny, interesting and also a little confusing when you read through and it notes the speaker being installed "over the header bar and flush with the roof lining". Doesn't make sense as wouldn't the speaker be dash mounted like most Holden built cars (and same as US version) and the roof lining is no where near it or am I reading that wrong.
  5. Hot is right. It is my 38 that is being restored and your comments about an Air Chief set make sense given that all early GM cars here used them. No, I don't have a GMH manual, only a US one and I am finding it quite difficult to come up with a lot of references/photos on the Holden built car and it's interior etc. Plenty available of the US vehicles but not much on ours. Peter
  6. I'm currently in Adelaide Danny. Originally from Melbourne and now in the throws of moving to Hobart
  7. It's a Holden body Brian so I'll keep that in mind. Without seeing one of the radios, I don't actually know what differences there are but it may possibly be easier to modify the radio chassis if need be.
  8. Yes, I have been watching ebay. I'm happy to pay for shipping costs if anyone OS has one as I realise there were never many here to begin with.
  9. As part of a restoration, I am looking for a radio, switches and speaker for a 1938 Buick 8/40. It doesn't matter if it is working or not providing it is complete. Any ideas on where I may find one would be most welcome. Thanks Peter
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