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  1. I've sprung another radiator leak. This is my third one; every three years after about 6 - 7 hundred miles. I can take it back to the shop, but I believe their are sealants that will do the job. Will they work or just gum up the works/
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. Dennis Bickford makes reproduction parts (575)443-1160. Sorry, but I still can't figure how to get the handle pinned under the spring and collar. It just doesn't seem to fit. Any chance you can send a schematic or picture?
  3. I've found a replacement but cannot figure out how to compress the spring under the collar and add the pin to re-attach. What's the magic?
  4. Can't seem to figure out how to attach this handle. I found a replacement but attachment has me boggled. I can compress the spring, press on the handle and slip through the pin. But how can you do this with the collar on?
  5. I need to replace the handle (23-58-243) that locks the folding top to the windshield header. I also need a schematic to see how it is pieced together. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Need latch handle for 1949 Chrysler convertible top. Other Chrysler makes, models or years may also work. Contact at ronkramer7@cox.net
  7. Need latch handle for convertible roof for 1949 Chrysler Windsor. DeSoto, Plymouth or other makes, models or years will probably work.
  8. Want to buy handle for 1949 Chrysler Windsor convertible roof. Other years, makes or model convertible handle may work.
  9. I have a1949 Chrysler Windsor.
  10. My fuel gauge always responds when I turn the key to the accessories positions but only occasionally responds when I turn the key to the ignition position. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
  11. Thank you. I'm getting everything together. Looking forward to being able to "peel out" when all is done.
  12. I have been supplementing a small drip with SAE 10wt non-detergent oil. As California, in they infinite wisdom, banned non-detergent oils, I feel I have no alternative but to switch to an alternative. Mixing oils can bring there set of problems. Yes, I wish I wasn't faced with this issue. I had to remove and clean the oil pan a few months back because of the same Issues. But I do appreciate the information.
  13. I have been reading a thread from Desoto Frank posted 12/30/06 on changing out the fluid in the fluid drive. It seems straight forward but there is one detail that leave me questions. "after removing the filler plug...turn the filler port to 6 o'clock and let it drain." Is there a marker that indicates when the port is at 6 o'clock or do you just guess?
  14. I have been searching all morning for TDH ISO 32 grade oil. In rural SO. California we don't see many tractors. The best I could find was from O'Reilly's: GL 303 Tractor Hydraulic fluid or AW32 Hydraulic fluid. Can anyone tell me if this is comparable to TDH ISO 32 grade?
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