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  1. To be consistent with my Local Craigslist advertisements, I have adjusted the price for the reatta on the orginal post at this forum. ($5500) Happy motoring, Don
  2. I tried to add some additional photos to the original post, but was not able to get all of them loaded. Here are some others pics that were taken a few days ago.
  3. Thanks to all who expressed an interest - She is going to a good home, I think! New Photos Added and Price Lowered (down from $6800). I think this is a great buy at this price and I am hopeful that someone on this forum will purcahse the car. If not, it will go on to Ebay or be put up for auction elseware. I offered up this car for sale a year ago without success. Now I am more serious and have posted it to Craigslist and may consider trying Ebay. But, I wanted to make sure that the true Reatta affectionados on this forum also have a "chance to take a look". This is an incredibly nice, reliable, well maintained, and updated “Driver Quality” vehicle. She has fewer than 87K miles and all mechanicals and systems work flawlessly except: 1) the cassette player, 2) left/right adjustment of driver side mirror (up and down works fine). The paint is shiny and bright and the body is without major dings, dents, or scrapes. However there are some minor parking lot dings on the front of the hood that have been repaired with touchup paint. (Mostly not noticible unless you are OCD like me, or are looking real hard). It also has a "Sequential Tail Light" system installed, reminicent of the mid-sixty Thunderbirds. It is unique and work great. I purchased this car less than three years ago The previous ownerdid major updating including: new muffler and tail-pipe, R134 upgrade, brake accumulator, struts at all four corners, Fluid services, transmission service, tune up, headlight arms, wheel speed sensors, and maybe other services that I cannot recall. After purchase, I drove over 1300 miles home without a hiccup. This beauty has performed flawlessly ever since. The only thing I’ve done to it is semiannual oil and filter changes and other regular maintenance and cleaning. A new “EZ-On” top was installed by “Convertibles Only” in Seattle. They did a superior job. Other forum members here can attest to their excellent work. I changed from the white original color top to tan; which I think looks nicer. But those who are a stickler for originality, may disapprove. If you are interested please private message me. I’m located north of Seattle near the Canadian Border (U.S.A. Side) . I hope you enjoy the pictures and will consider if this is the car you need for your future top-down touring and cruising. Don
  4. Now this is much better done - A Cadillac Seville San Remo
  5. I just saw one of these listed on Seattle Craigslist, a Cadillac Seville Milan. Apparently they were a specialty coach-built car (They cut out the back seat and added a convertible top.) in my opinion it was a very poor design execution and proportions. But, it is another "modern" GM two-seater.
  6. My thoughts on this esoteric discussion: The Reatta remains one of the nicest looking personal luxury cars ever produced regardless of the option choice of body color, molding, and convertible roof. However, my tendencies are to prefer convertibles with a contrasting color top. Mine was originally white body/tan interior/ white top, and color matched molding. When it was time for a new top, I switched out to a tan color to match the interior (and I'm not at all disappointed with the change. I also think that one of the sharpest looking Reatta's seen on this forum is the Red/Black Top/ Black molding shown in a another's post. As far a purchasing a used Reatta, it really comes down to condition and value much more so than paint color. When I win the lottery and can afford to build a bigger garage I'll be on the lookout for a coupe. My preference for colors are: 1. Red, Black, Driftwood, Claret, White, 2. Sliver, Maui Blue, Sapphire Blue, 3. Grey and Polo Green. It is nice to dream!
  7. Hope you all are enjoying this day with your fine american manufactured automobile.
  8. Those are missing from my car. I'm not as crazy as I thought. If anyone has the right and left side brackets for sale, please let me know.
  9. My spare "donut" on my '90 Convertible is made by Goodyear, size: T125 70R 15. I assume it is original. Fits perfectly in the trunk wheel well.
  10. I can't seem to locate any "brackets". Perhaps they were removed when the P.O. had the struts replaced. I would be very appreciative if you could post a photo.
  11. Thank you to Barney for sending the DZUS fastners for the cowl brace cover. Unfortunately, I am now more perplexed than usual. I understand how the winged plastic bolt fits into the Square retainer with just 1/4 turn. However, for the life of me, I cannot see how the retainer attaches to the cowl brace or an other under-cover item. Maybe I'm missing a clip. I certainly know that the grey matter is receding, but this is frustrating and ridiculous. Any help?
  12. I like it! Not so much the color; but the ground effects are sweet and the toggle/rocker switches are real cool. It would be nice to see it at a Barrett-Jackson or Mecum auction to gain some exposure for the Buick Reatta.
  13. Was that for a refurbished replacement unit, cassette belt replacement, or other repair service?
  14. Looks like buickgirl1 has edited her original post to cover all of the requirements for offering her car for sale. Although, there remains a discrepancy in the noted exterior color between the description form and the post thread title (grey vs. silver). Photos, of course, are always helpful when trying to sell a vehicle on-line. Good luck.