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  1. A very nice 1925 Rollin Model G 5-passenger Brougham.
  2. Have to mention the mid-70s Bricklin SV-1!
  3. Looks like the front end of a 30's car joined to the body of a 20's car!
  4. 1968 HK Holden hearse: Source: Classic and Vintage Funeral Coaches - Services
  5. According to the "Standard Catalog", the Gleason remained virtually unchanged through its 4-year production run. The car was powered by a 2 cylinder, 20 hp engine, and sat on a 95 inch wheelbase. The models offered were: Model K High Wheel Buggy - $950 Model L High Wheel Runabout - $970 Model M High Wheel Baby Tonneau - $1000 Model Q Baby Tonneau - $1125
  6. Here is a very nice restored '16 Briscoe: 1916 Briscoe Tourer – French Connection – 182 « Classic cars As the article states, the '16 Briscoe was the first model to have conventional headlights, after the "Cyclops" headlight of the 1915 model. The Model 4-38 tourer and roadster sold for $750, while the Model 8-38 tourer and roadster sold for $950. Owners of the 4-cylinder 4-38 could return the car to the factory and have the 8 cylinder engine from the 8-38 installed for the cost of the difference in price and installation costs.
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