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  1. Thanks Bleach. Maybe an overdrive might do the trick. I'll check it out!
  2. Thanks for your reply Fleek. We switched out the rear end for a Ford with 3 55s but that didn't help. From what I'm reading, if we turbo or supercharge this old engine we will probably blow the lower end. Looking at a Chev 350 to see how it will fit and a 5 speed manual tranny.
  3. Hi Guys, Have a friend that has a1949 International KB1. We would like to keep the original engine because it has a fresh rebuild and runs strong. We need to run down the road at 60 rather than forty. We were thinking of installing a turbo or maybe a supercharger on the 6 cylinder. Does anyone know of a kit or resource to get us started? Thanks
  4. Looking for a 1935 Ford pickup in restorable condition. Thanks, sfd
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