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  1. The only rust I found was dime sized at the corner of the back window. I was surprised to see no rust and red paint under the car. Glass and seats are in good condition - arm rest needs to be replaced. Needs new carpet and the space behind the seats is very faded. This car needs to be painted the clear coat is coming off everywhere. The body doesn't have one ding or dent in it. It's looks like it's been outside for 20 years. Car has condensation and very bad musty smell (stronger than most classic cars). So a seal is bad somewhere. The touch screen works but the image is not clear. He said when the car is dry on inside the image is clear. Now the really bad part - the car wouldn't start. We tried for about an hour and then the car started to backfire so I thought it was best to stop. He said was running a few weeks ago when someone else was looking at it. I made no offer on the car but told him I was interested if he could get it running. My mechanic said it could be something simple or up to 400 to get it running - just his guess. It felt like it was going to start every time it would backfire. The check engine light was on but no abs or brake lights were on. He said it just needs front brakes. They want 900 for the Reatta it would cost me 200 to have it towed to my house. I was going to offer 700 - take it or leave it. I think the car is worth that and then I would just have to hope it wouldn't cost much to have I fixed.
  2. Thanks for everyones help. I will check everything that was mentioned - I'll post what happened Friday night. Dolphins fan but not living in Florida - I think we finally found a quaterback!
  3. This weekend I will be looking at a 89 Reatta. It looks like it needs paint, minor interior work (new carpet and armrest) and the current owner said it needs brakes and tires. This would be a car I would drive about every other weekend. I have had many Buick's and always liked the look of the Reatta. The price is right on this car if it's mechanically sound. I guess my question is - Any common problem with these cars? Something I should be looking for. Is this a difficult car to restore - getting parts and such?
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