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  1. I've just had the Reatta 4 months and I've done nothing electrical. The smell is on the outside - not when i'm driving - but i can smell it after about a 30 min ride after it's been in the garage
  2. Yes - Instrument panel is fine. Co-workers today were saying if doesn't smell like oil, tranny fluid or brakes it could be electrical. Thanks Machiner 55 at least I know that's not the problem.
  3. Last night I went in my garage 30 min. after I had the Reatta out for the night and it smelled like something was burning. I opened the hood but couldn't tell where it was coming from. I checked all the fluids and they look good. Today I pulled the car out and I have no leaks on the floor. About a week ago I added a couple cans of Freon and the air has been cold. Last night when I was looking under the hood I noticed water dripping from near the fire wall on the passenger side. The water was dipping on a rubber cover from a tire rod - I think. It looked unusual that the water would drip from that area. The temp was in the high 80's most of the day so AC was running a lot. I not sure if this is related to the burning smell.
  4. I got my Reatta on March 1st of this year. The Reatta replaced another classic car that I started to neglect and really never enjoyed driving. When I first started looking for this car I could tell my wife hated it. The first couple we looked at were in pretty bad shape and that may have had something to do it. But even after I changed my mind from looking for a restoration project to looking for something in good shape she still didn't like them. Now 3 months later we both love the car - well maybe I do alittle more. I can't believe how smooth and quiet the ride is for a car so small and low to the ground. I have a 12 year old step son and he thinks the cars great. When ever the opportunity comes up to use the car the question is always - Can we take the Reatta? If the weather looks good the answer is always - YES Buick has made a great comfortable little two seat sport/luxury car.
  5. I tried the aircraft remover but it didn't help. I got an estimate to have them refinished for about 400. I will look into the plating shops. If I do paint them I was going to paint the inter slots a darker gray or black.
  6. I have blemishes on my rims and they don't look good. I got clear coat remover but it didn't help. I've been looking at some youtube videos on how to paint the rims but I'm not sure how to paint the center caps. Anyone have pictures of their painted rims? Any ideas on the center caps?
  7. It worked - fan and rpms at 1500 - AC light if off and sweet cold air is coming out ....just took about a 30 minute ride. I wanted to make sure it wasn't overfilled with Freon before I added more. Thanks for the help!
  8. It looks like I have too much Freon in the system - the gauge on the Freon container is in the yellow - Alert. Do you still want me to try to add more? I also didn't clear any codes unless I did each time I disconnect the battery.
  9. I picked up some 134a Freon to add and the Freon level is in the yellow - Alert. I disconnected the battery again and when I start the car the clutch turns on and off a few times for about one minute then the service AC light comes on and the clutch never moves again.
  10. I just checked the codes and looks like 2 came up - b447c and b552h. So the b447c looks like I have a leak. I will look into checking the clutch.
  11. My AC stopped working a few weeks ago and I noticed the clutch is not spinning. The Reatta is not a daily driver so I'm not in a big hurry to get it in the shop. Last time I took the car out I also noticed the Bi-Level and Econ buttons are not working. I was wondering if the temp control could be the reason the AC is not working. I already tried disconnecting the battery and hitting the clutch with a hammer. 1990 Reatta
  12. I've had my Reatta about 2 months and it idles just a tad rough. I was going to add gas treatment to a full tank. I think the car sat for about 5 months before I got it. Any gas treatment's better than others?
  13. Thanks for the help.....I will update my sig and look up the Teves system
  14. I've just my Reatta for one month and last few times I start it the Brake Light and Anti-Lock Brake Light come on for about 20 seconds before they go out. I don't remember them staying on that long before. Is this something I should have checked out?
  15. Looks like a good deal .....enjoy
  16. I got the carpet from Stock Interiors and I also got the mats. The carpet is not plush like the old carpet but looks more modern. I found the other carpet at WalMart - they have black replacement carpet in roll for only 8 bucks. I got 2 rolls and I used that wrap the center console and for the back area. For the back area I just trimmed and tucked the carpet up into that plastic trim and then I used headliner & carpet adhesive.
  17. I'll post pis of the back area soon. I think it looks better because everything is brown and the black just breaks up the color alittle bit.
  18. I just got done putting everything back together tonight. I changed the carpet from tan to black. I got the carpet from Stock Interiors and it was a good fit. I got black auto carpet from Wal-Mart and I used that to wrap the center console. I also used that carpet and glued it over the back area and tucked it under that space where you can loosen the four bolts holding it down behind the seats. It was thinner and easier to work with. I think it makes the car newer looking - more modern. I'll add some better pictures using the daylight. <!-- end of AOLMsgPart_1_78eb150f-0489-4576-8877-4bd1b5a4c944 -->
  19. I'm in the process of painting the faded silver with black plastic dip. I was going to try using a small foam brush on the trim I can't get out of the car.
  20. DShip - I just sent you a message a few minutes ago
  21. I think the phone was put in later .... It's a Bell Atlantic with a sticker on the inside that says Carfone Installations.
  22. Hello everyone, Just picked up my new - preowned 1990 Reatta on Friday. Bright Red with the tan interior - base model. I was on this site about 6 months with some questions because I was trying to find one to restore but after looking at a few in rough shape I decided to start looking for one in my max price range. I traveled 4 hours to look at this one and it's great. I can't believe how solid and smooth the ride is. It had to be garage kept. The paint, interior, trunk and engine compartment are very clean. Anyone ever change the tan carpet with the tan interior to black carpet? The carpet is a little faded and I was thinking about changing it to black just break up the color a bit inside. I noticed the different company's on ebay selling the carpet for the Reatta. Can anyone recommend which one to use? Thanks Dave <!-- end of AOLMsgPart_1_4474ac9d-8620-4beb-b3f3-1a4ba36d1240 -->
  23. Driving home I was thinking this car is close to a parts car and but I'm looking for a project. I have a 65 Mustang that I restored - interior and engine compartment but it only needed minor engine work and I had someone do the body work. But that car was so easy to work on and parts are everywhere. I was just thinking if I can get this Reatta cheap the risk wouldn't be that bad. It could turn into a money pit or if things fall my way it could be a nice car. I'll keep looking Thanks for the input
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