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  1. So last night I was watching King of Queens - Season 2 Episode 18. Doug and Carrie had found new friends(the Shmenkmans) but lost them to Deacon and Kelly. At the end of the show they are looking for new friends and driving home at night from the movies. They spot a car broken down on the side of the road and Carrie says -" look at that couple with the broken down car, should we stop to help them, they look young and they have a 2 seat Reatta - and that means they have no kids" and the show ended. I wonder what was wrong, I hope it wasn't something major. lol
  2. I've been to two car shows this year in North East PA and I would say about 8 to 10 people asked me about the car and knew what it was. Firebirds, Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes are everywhere. I like having something a little different. But if it's not a muscle car then I feel like most guys don't care what it is. I've owned the Reatta for about a year and 6 months and I'm surprised how many people know what it is. I've heard over and over " They didn't make to many of those". People always approach me to ask questions or walking by will say "nice car". What I love about my Reatta is the ride. I can't believe how smooth this cars drives and it's so low to the road.
  3. I took my Reatta to a car show last Sunday (first time). The engine compartment is clean but not perfect. I was wondering if anyone has had problems degreasing or steam cleaning these engines. I guess I'm looking for do's and don'ts
  4. Got one last year - 46 years old
  5. I used a medium drill bit and it just started to go into the threads. I tried to loosen it and came off. One down one to go - I'm going to work on the other one on Monday. Thanks for the help.
  6. If it is - I can always drill one side of the nut and spin it to the other side and drill that side.
  7. I have a 10mm nut that is striped at the top of the rear strut. I have all new parts from the Reatta store. Instead of cutting the nut can I cut the top of the shaft between bushings. It looks like this is a replacement set on this car because the shaft has a metal cover and also the plastic cover over that.
  8. Today was the first nice day in Pa in what seemed like forever. So I also had the first nice ride of the year - driving and thinking what needs to be done this year. Rear struts, brakes, remove side view mirrors - paint and replace rubber gaskets and the power windows are very slow. That should keep me busy.
  9. I would change the side mirrors. It seems like they are to close - when I try to use the mirrors I have to move my head back. I'm 5'6'' so maybe I have to move my seat up closer than other people. The mirrors also look like they were just taken off a Buick Century - bigger more stylish mirrors would have looked better.
  10. Plymouth Pa? That one looks a winner.... won't last long
  11. The Black top looks good on the White. Looks like a nice one.
  12. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/4251457793.html
  13. Good find .... the rims look good in black
  14. Thank you .... Happy Thanksgiving
  15. John, The Aluminum is only available online. The other colors - gunmetal, black and metalizer should be available at Lowes or HomeDepot. I took the rims off and removed the clear coat first with airplane remover. You don't have to mask the tires - the plasti dip simply comes off the tires. Everything I got was spray cans. The coats dry fast in the sun - it's easy to tell when it's dry because it has a flat look when it's dry. They also sell a glossilzer. My rims also didn't look that bad. The clear coat looked bad and I didn't like how the center caps didn't match the rims. I found a lot of info watching youtube videos.
  16. You have to get the Aluminum color from plastidip.com - then the silver metalizer will add some silver flake with a gloss - satin finish. The Metalizer doesn't really change the color but does on darker base colors. This is very cheap to do - I used 2 cans of Aluminum and 2 cans of Metalizer for 4 rims - about 3 coats of each. Under 50 bucks
  17. I used Aluminum with the Silver Metalizer Plastic Dip. I can't figure out why the pics are upside down.
  18. Also the weather strip around the windshield is in rough shape at the top of the roof - any ideas?
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