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  1. Finfan1

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist 1985 Buick Reatta - I guess one of the first ones ever built!!
  2. I don't like the side mirrors and I just don't think they go with the car. Maybe if they were painted the same color as the car. It looks like they took Buick Century mirrors and used them for the Reatta. I don't like the stock rims. Last year I got a set of Regal chrome rims and it's a huge difference. Everything else I love
  3. Finfan1

    Interesting Reatta Color?

    That color looks great ... I don't feel the same about the white
  4. Just put on 16" Regal Chome rims
  5. Finfan1

    Brake Accumulator Ball

    It is odd ... when they answer I think they just say Hello - I think 170 plus shipping
  6. Finfan1

    Brake Accumulator Ball

    They called me. I was on a waiting list.
  7. Finfan1

    Brake Accumulator Ball

    Just an FYI - Spinning Wheel in SC just received a shipment of brake accumulator balls. The price looks a little better than the ones on Ebay. 352-209-4349
  8. Finfan1


    Yesterday I got my accumulator from ABS Power Brake and it's a perfect fit. I was on waiting list at Spinning Wheel since May. I'm in Pa and the price was about the same. Thanks for the info Kingsley.
  9. New Hankook tires, adjusted the headlights and recharged the AC. Bonus - somehow the brake rattle is gone. Great day ... Thanks Joe
  10. Finfan1


  11. So last night I was watching King of Queens - Season 2 Episode 18. Doug and Carrie had found new friends(the Shmenkmans) but lost them to Deacon and Kelly. At the end of the show they are looking for new friends and driving home at night from the movies. They spot a car broken down on the side of the road and Carrie says -" look at that couple with the broken down car, should we stop to help them, they look young and they have a 2 seat Reatta - and that means they have no kids" and the show ended. I wonder what was wrong, I hope it wasn't something major. lol
  12. Finfan1

    Why I Love My Reatta

    I've been to two car shows this year in North East PA and I would say about 8 to 10 people asked me about the car and knew what it was. Firebirds, Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes are everywhere. I like having something a little different. But if it's not a muscle car then I feel like most guys don't care what it is. I've owned the Reatta for about a year and 6 months and I'm surprised how many people know what it is. I've heard over and over " They didn't make to many of those". People always approach me to ask questions or walking by will say "nice car". What I love about my Reatta is the ride. I can't believe how smooth this cars drives and it's so low to the road.