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  1. Nice pic Howard, I wonder what the extension on the exhaust is for?
  2. That would be a nice find, looks like it has doors on it?
  3. Wow, hard to comprehend that kind of power, a lot going on in that cockpit! And I think I heard him say that it either did not have brakes, or that they might as well not been there. He gets the Chromium Clappers award, you need a pair of Chromium Clappers to drive that thing!
  4. QGolden


    My Goodness, that car has beautiful lines. IMO perfectly proportioned. I would love to see some additional photos.
  5. Early 292's (and others ) had generators early on. As they converted to alternators they made use of the generator mounting points. So you could also get an earlier Generator bracket and mount a genny iff'n you wanted. That is the beauty of a Speedster, few rules and lots of creativity.
  6. Hi Fred, Can you elaborate a bit on your "high speed ring gear". I am building an "A Model" Speedster and looking for ways to decrease the ratio. Nice job on the Speedster by the way.
  7. Just curios, why does the lack of title create a problem? I have bought and sold dozens of cars without titles. Of course I live in a state that does not require them, so there is probably something about your situation that I don't understand.
  8. I am a big fan of the 292, it will take a lot of abuse, parts are cheap, and common. Put on an Offy triple single carb intake, aluminum finned air cleaners, aluminum finned valve cover and side cover. Split cast iron headers, and a marine cam. You will be proud of what is under the hood and it will look right and run great. You will have great selection of Tranny's too.