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  1. I really enjoyed your pictures. Gratifying to see car culture alive and well across the globe. Please continue to share events with us. 🙂
  2. Riding in the rumble seat of a 1936 Ford convertible while my wife's uncle transported us from the church to our wedding reception location on August 10, 1968.
  3. Growing up in rural northern Michigan in the fifties and early sixties, there weren't a lot of close neighbors. The widow lady across the road had two memorable cars - a mint green and white 1957 Ford two door sedan and a 1960 Pontiac two door hardtop with a burgundy bottom and white top. Her downstate brother, who occasionally visited, had a 1959 Olds convertible and a 1961 Olds Starfire. Both of those cars were black with white tops and red interiors. The rest of the cars in the area were pretty much four door family sedans.
  4. I have friends who are the second owners of a 1965 Olds Cutlass Vista Cruiser station wagon which was initially purchased with trading stamps. The nuns in their local parish school needed suitable transportation for school use and solicited donations of stamps to secure its purchase.
  5. Driver's ed car was a 1962 Chevy 4 door sedan powered by a 6 cylinder mated to a stick transmission. The make or break test for passing the road portion of driver's ed was stopping and parking the car halfway up a steep hill on a country dirt road. Had to then restart and continue up the hill with rolling backward or stalling the engine. My license test car was my parents' 1956 Olds 88 4 door sedan, with the test administered by the county sheriff. Currently have the '56 Olds Super 88 in my avatar. Reliving my youth, it seems. 🙂
  6. 50 degrees in West Michigan today. Got to take both of my Oldsmobiles ('56 Super 88 & '70 Cutlass Supreme) out for hour long rides. Had the companionship of my wife and a cuppa joe to sip. Real treat to be able to do that in our area this time of year. 😊
  7. Victoria, CORSA (Corvair Society of America) has three chapters in Oregon. 1) Beaver State Corvair Club in Eugene. Web address: corvair.org/chapters/chapter973/ 2) Corsa Oregon in Beaverton Web address: corsaoregon.weebly.com 3) Southern Oregon Corvair Owners in Medford Web contact: stanleyfamily1@attbi.com These clubs may provide you with useful contacts when looking for someone experienced in addressing the waking up of a long stored Corvair. Keith
  8. Regarding the color combo, my childhood neighbor had the same colors but in a different pattern. His car had the dark blue top and dark blue below the chrome spear on the sides. The light blue was between the two dark hues. I admired that car and have looked for years for this color combo, to no avail.
  9. Take a look at the Engels Coach Shop videos on Youtube. Great craftsmanship on display in the reconstruction of projects like this.
  10. Chistech, There was one of these cars on display at the RE Olds Club's Oldsmobile Homecoming this past June. It was a lighter green in color and meticulously restored. This same car has been on display at the RE Olds Museum in Lansing, MI. I contacted an acquaintance of the owner/restorer and have name of the car's owner. I don't feel free to share the owner's contact info as I haven't gotten his personal permission. Moreover, I don't see a way to do private messaging on this site. I will email the owner and alert him to your restoration thread as well as your posting of the registry in the general discussion section. Do know that this person volunteers at the RE Olds Museum. You might be able to contact the museum and establish contact with this person through the staff there. Keith
  11. ? Great car! Spent a lot of time poring over the pictures. Really like the interior exterior color combination. My car as seen in my avatar has a green interior. These cars are reflective of the wide variety of combinations available to the new car buyer. Wish it were so today!
  12. Being the owner of two Oldsmobiles, I can relate!
  13. Sabastienbuick, Thanks for posting the pictures of the antique tractors. First look for me at some of the early 20th century French models. Was Renault the dominant tractor manufacturer during that period of time? I see an American made McCormick-Deering there as well. I have 3 antique tractors myself. Two of these are tractors that I operated on our family farm. Keith
  14. Thanks for posting the car corral pictures for those of us who could't be there in person.
  15. Matt, Wonderful car! Pushed the "like" button and ended up with the "haha" emoji. ??? Can't seem to change it. Keith
  16. On trips to our summer place in Northern Michigan, I've driven by a 1956 chevy 210 four door hardtop that's been for sale for the past year. I realized it was somewhat rare but didn't understand that fully until I saw your published numbers.
  17. There's a red 1964 SS convertible listed in our local club's newsletter here in the West Michigan area. It's described as a 327 2x4 barrel engine with some chrome accessories. Newer top and interior. Chrome and trim new. Many extra accessories. Asking $31,500. Pictures available. Phone (616) 884-5184 if interested. Haven't seen the car and don't know the owner. Just passing info on.
  18. Had a 1964 Monza convertible for 20 years with the 95 hp powerglide combo. Was skeptical about adequate power before I bought it, but it had surprisingly good low end grunt and was a really smooth running trouble free motor. It cruised well at highway speeds. Members of our local Corvair club often commented about how well it ran. I believe that the '65 Corvair on Craig's list that I posted is in the Petoskey, MI area where we have a summer place. I'm there frequently. Could probably do an eyes on for you if that would help with the info gathering process.
  19. Here's a possible Corvair candidate that seems to fit the search parameters. 1965 Corvair Monza coupe with a 95 hp motor and power glide transmission. It was restored by a retired GM engineer and has a 13 page personal log on recipes and rebuilds. 14,500 miles on rebuilt motor. It has a dual master cylinder. 5 year old tires with less than 2000 miles on them. Price is $7400 or best offer. Car is located in Northern Michigan. Call or text at (231) 633-0382. Also, check it out on the Northern Michigan Craigslist. http://nmi.craigslist.org/cto/614856884.1html
  20. Started driving tractor solo at age six and with attached power equipment at age 8. Drove my Grandfather's 1949 Dodge Coronet at age 10. Not sure if this counts, but in a sense drove a 1940 Chevy coupe at age 3. The car was left in gear with the driver's door ajar. I sat on the floor, braced my back against the base of the seat and stepped on the starter pedal. My mother glanced out the kitchen window and saw the car lurching toward the apple tree. She promptly rescued the car and me.
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