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  1. I see that you offered to take some photos of 1936 Pierce Arrow frames nearly 7 years ago but do not see them posted here? I would be interested in seeing them myself. thanks.
  2. Day late and a dollar short but yes, your 1950 Rambler is Champagne Ivory. I have seen other cars with the same color. I have attached the Dupont color chart which gives a formula for mixing the color to the left of the chip with that name. The chip color looks off but is just from fade and photo variance.
  3. Can someone supply some background and pictures or illustrations of the 1922 Nash rubber engine mounts used on the 4-cyl model 41 series - said to be the first used on an automobile? Where and how they were used on the engine? Thank You.
  4. 1948-1954 Step-down Design historical question.. Does anyone know what happened to designers Bill Kirby and Arnold Yonkers? Bill was more high profile with this design while Yonkers left in the middle of work. I have been able to locate all of the others associated with the project – correct full names as well as birth/death dates but these two seem to be a bit elusive. When Robert Andrews gave an interview for Automobile Quarterly he said that Kirby was in his mid 30s when he came on board and was considered by later standards as a bit of a hippie. I was able to locate a William Kirby bor
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