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  1. I live in Bremerton, Washington State and my Chrysler TC was hit from behind at a stop light. The accident was a rear-end collision so the trunk, rear lights, antenna motor, hatch motor, rear body panels and rear trim is pretty crumpled or not functioning. The car can not be driven. The engine compartment was unharmed. April 3rd, 2012 we replaced the ASB Break Booster Assembly (OEM# 0446401) for $2030. The engine still runs well though the car is not driveable because of the rear damage. Starter, pumps and engine are all functioning. The hard convertible top is also undamaged as well. All the glass in the windows and windshield are original and intact. All four window motors function. One hard top opera window is fogged from moisture intrusion and there is some sun spotting on the roof. The original radio still works. All the interior lights function. The mirrors are all intact. I am not a mechanic and the few parts I could take off would get me only about $1500. Right now it's under cover at my father's house, but it can't stay there forever. I am tired of scrap car companies offering to "help me out" by crushing my car into a cube. I am looking for someone with the skill and the space who can come out and give me an offer to take what is here and put the good pieces back to use.