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  1. I have a friend that has a file cabinet full of schematics for early tv's and radios. I don't know if they are still of any value or not, but hate to see them get tossed in a landfill. PM me if there is any interest.
  2. I had the same problem ,it ran too fast for me to control. I ended up using a piece of scrap flat stock to extend the arm that attaches to the pedal, that made it much more controllable. I found directions how through You Tube.
  3. On Youtube there is a program using these machines, and others from the late 1800's,into the early 1900's. Dave Richards Steam powered machine shop. Very interesting show to watch if interested in old , original machines.
  4. Sorry. I have plenty of pictures just no idea how to post them.
  5. For sale a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr 5 window coupe project.Car is currently bare metal, was dipped, and 98% of the metal work done.Front end and rear done. All but the bumpers are rechromed and stainless polished. Asking $30,000.00. Please call Wayne Yankee for more information.
  6. Interesting information about the model a cooling system. Go to rmaford.org at that site in right top is shop talk, hit that and read cooling seminar.
  7. Best bet, go to thesamba.com and look around and ask questions at that site. They can help you with anything you need to make an informed decision. They are quite simple cars, mostly affordable parts, and a lot of fun to drive.Good luck.
  8. Get some copper (I had some pieces of tubing laying around, split it, and flattened) back up the holes you are welding with the copper. The weld won't stick to the copper, and it takes a lot of the heat so the edges of the hole don't burn away.
  9. Check out KBS coatings, comparable to por15, but uv resistant.
  10. I've always had excellent results with anything they have done for me. I have always talked with Matt.
  11. S&H chrome in Tenn. repaired the broken and pitted pot metal grilles on a 1940 Zephyr that i am working on, and look beautiful. They also did pot metal trunk hinges , and the rest of the chrome, and I would highly recommend them.
  12. I did the same thing and googled the name and got the address.I live about an hour away so I called and asked if I could purchase a couple hides in person. Patrick,the owner, told me it was an old building with no retail area, but allowed me to pick them up there. It is an old warehouse, and filled with all kinds and colors and sizes of leather. Patrick wasn't there, but his 2 employees were great, and treated me great. I really don't know anything about thickness of leather etc. but it seems real nice to me. I also bought a used walking foot machine, and hope to make some seat covers.
  13. wyankee

    What is it?

    I believe that is for an early 6 volt jeep. I just bought a reproduction last week.