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  1. yep that would be the one lol ! i was looking at a few others and found it on fb marketplace. he wanted $10k for it which was way out of my range. offered 5 never expecting to get a positive response or thinking id end up with it. apparently hes had it for awhile and really just wanted the room. i still cant believe i got it for 5!!! im about 80 miles away from ocala and planned to try and drive it home to Orlando but the tires are super old and dry rotted so a buddy of mine came and picked it up for me and towed it back. it was already turning heads like crazy and several people around Ocala recognized it and talked to me about it while i was on my way out of town with it. apparently its a known car in those parts!
  2. okay i know some but not all the history of the car. the guy i got it from had it 3 years and it just sat in his yard the whole time he had it. drove it about 15 minutes one day and that was about it. he got it from someone that had it for a few years but dont know what happened to it in that time. before that it was owned by the same couple for decades that took it to car shows. its an old show car and it was very loved when they had it. not sure how or what happened to them. it is not in show condition anymore and has deteriorated being in the weather a little but still really has about 75k miles on it that are original (magazine it was featured in says that from 1999, hasn't been driven much since.fuel is unknown. it was running when i looked at it so its good enough to drive with, and i put $20 worth of high test in it so its got fresh gas. coolant is doo doo brown so ill be flushing it. cant seem to find the tranny dipstick, where is it located?? is this one of those cars that had a hidden dipstick like some modern cars have now? oil looks okay actually.this car is kinda alien to me. im used to working on Lexus Ls400s from the 90s. this car is twice my age and older then anything ive had before. (im 35) all of this is a learning curve for me but i absolutely love it and want to be able to daily drive it. not wanting this to be a garage or trailer queen, but a legit daily has the original 331 V8 in it which sounds glorious!radio is all there but not workinggauges all work but clock dosent. honestly the more i drive it the better it feels. shifted terribly at first but its coming back, was very hard to start but now it turns first crankwas told i cant jump a 6v car with a 12v car cause it could cause damage. this true?im not a total a newbie with this but its been ages. this is the oldest car ive ever had !
  3. over the weekend i picked up a 1950 Cadillac, i think its a series 62 but could be wrong. back in high school 20 years ago i had a 1955 Pontiac Starchief that i DDed for almost two years and never really had any issues with it. always wanted another classic car and after months of searching i ran across this 1950 caddy. its in really good shape for its age and it runs/drives. unrestored survivor car that used to be a show car back in the 80s and 90s. i have a pile of old trophies and stuff that it won over the years. had been looking for a clean classic for awhile that didnt need a ton of work as i work 60+ hours a week and really dont have enough time to spend weekends wrenching on it, so i took a chance on this one. heres what ive found so far... it overheats after about 15 mins but drives great. maybe a stuck thermostat or something? tranny shifts in all gears fine but shifts hard, brakes are manual drums and lock up easy. -they seem worse then normal engine has a lifter tick column shifter broke on me last night and now its stuck in drive. - no idea how to fix this... im absolutley clueless on how to fix this thing but i really want to get it running and driving enough to daily. this is a learning experience for me and im hear to learn. any advice would be seriously appreciated as i dont really know anyone that works on these old cars or knows thier way around them. i have basic mechanical knowledge and did some work on my 55 Pontiac as a kid years ago, but ive forgot alot of it.
  4. this is the car i found listed on craigs, from the back it looks identical to mine! also note the engine block painted green, the chrome oild caps, and the alternator, (i installed the chrome caps and the alternator in 2001. it looks aged and weathered so the timeline adds up. the 1st pic is mine after the wreck in 02 then the back of the car i found on craigs, along with the engine in the car, as well as the front bumper with the guard on it, that wasnt on the car i wrecked but it was on the parts car i had.
  5. here are some pics of my baby, the first two were taken around 2000, the others were after the wreck in 2002
  6. ok this is my first post here, hi, my name is rob beaumont, aka stereorob, anyways, my first car was a 1955 pontiac starchief, i got it when i was 16, back in 2000, (im 28) anyways, i used it as a racer and ended up rolling it in a nasty wreck in november 2002, i didnt put a claim in on it cause at the time i was under my parents insurence and they didnt want there premiums to go up fixing my old car, so i stored it at a lot behind a buddy of mines house, it was there for about a year, when someone came in the night and took off with it! that was going on 10 years ago. i filed a report with the cops about it but the car was never recovered, it wasnt running and was considered destroyed. anyways, ever since then, everytime i go to re-register a car, like a ghost the old registration long expired now still pops up in the database as belonging to me. i never knew what happened to the car (2 of the actually, a nice one and a rust bucket for parts) i never got the parts car registered but i should have. anyways, at the time i lived in Orlando, FL, i live in west palm beach now but still keep tabs on my old life. anyways, a friend of mine was surfing craigslist today and found a 1955 pontiac that looks a awful lot like the one i had, and that was stolen, for sale, bondo covered in half primer and half lime green. (mine was dark green on the bottom and lime green on the roof and trunk. anyways, i looked at the pics of the car for sale, and it had MY engine in it! (engine block was painted the same color as the car, not a factory option as far as i know. not only that, but some of the glass in the car that wasnt wrecked, i can clearly make out the residue of stickers on the glass i had put there years before. what i need help with is trying to ID the car as mine, i remember the VIN was in the door jam and on the engine, i think. the one in the door jam was probubly swapped, but the one on the engine probubly cant be etched out. dose the body VIN and the engine VIN match? the VIN on mine was *P855H60062* i know that under florida law, since the car was stolen, and i never sold it, all i have to do is call the cops and the car is mine again! i still think about the car everyday and miss the hell out of it. and to get it back would be just about the coolest thing that could happen for me. can anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction??