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  1. Yep.. the place that installed them didn't read that. I'm not gonna lie, messing with the windshields is not something I feel brave enough to do. Mostly because of the split windshields and finding the right seat for them. I wish I could get a manual for it. Plus I drive this everyday so can't take too many chances with her Thanks for the info.. Now the trick is if I can clean up the seals and try to reuse them after they have already messed them up.
  2. Hello, I have a 41 DeSoto Business Man's Coupe. I am having a problem finding someone in the Baltimore or surrounding area to seal the windshields. I bought new seals from Steele Rubber and had them installed locally. Come to find out, you are supposed to use glazing instead of poly-etc products. Does anyone know anyone up here who can help me?
  3. Hello, I have a 41 Desoto that has been modified. It has disk brakes from a 70ish Camero. The rear is still unknown but the springs are being replaced to make the suspension right. The problem I have now is the steering column. The switch on the column is bad and I would like to put in something with a more retro look. Do you know of a steering column that I could put in it?