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  1. Remember to find a carrier running your route is pretty tough for the general public to find. If you are shipping say from Missouri to North Carolina who would you call? Most would think they could google a carrier and get it shipped, right? No, most likely the driver that could be running that route isnt from either state. But, a company you may call will have in house brokers that will say yes we have our own trucks but end up brokering that load out because their trucks don't run that route. Keep in mind as well that there isnt always a truck running the route you need. Alot of people think there is always a truck waiting to pickup their vehicle and that couldnt be farther from the truth. Check the reviews of companies like was mentioned in an earlier post and stay away from those lead generation sites. Keep in mind that every day there are around 20,000+ vehicles needing to be shipped nationwide. Most drivers run where they can fill up and get on the road the fastest. If you are off the beaten path and 250 miles away from anyone else your gonna pay for it. A driver isnt going to run his 60 foot carrier 100 miles out of the way for the same price as the guy thats on the main route. Also, the industry works in time frames and not exact times. Its hard telling whats going to happen when on the road whether its a flat, traffic jam, storm etc. When people realize this it sure makes the shipping process so much easier for everyone. Our drivers deal with a lot while on the road. For example, I had a customer call me every single day sometimes 3-4 times a day asking about her car. It was being shipped from New York to Los Angeles. The driver showed up early and she made him wait for 4 hours to drop off her vehicle because she was mad the vehicle was early and she was having coffee with a friend. The driver had to sit around and wait because the next drop was 100 miles away and it would have cost him too much money to drive 100 miles and then back with a 10 car carrier. Take a look at this guide I wrote. It may help you guys understand how the shipping industry works.
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  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to stop into this thread as I have read that many have had some bad experiences shipping their vehicles. If you do a search for auto transport and fill out a quote that says get 6-10 free quotes then this is where your problem came from. These sites are lead generators and they sell your info to transport companies. These companies know that your info is going to 6-10 others therefore they compete for your business. By doing so you get those companies that want your business so bad that they give a very low quote and then hit you up with a higher price once they set a driver up for you. This is bad business and places a negative tone throughout the industry. Remember, carriers also have in house brokers, so you cant really say avoid brokers, because you are most likely going to use one. On a side note if you are shipping from California to say I suggest avoiding the lead sites and get a hassle free quote from the companies that do their own advertising etc. This way you get one quote and one phone call. Drivers get a specific amount to run certain routes, so prices should be within a close range. If anyone would like a quote I can do that for you without any hassle or BS. Just PM zip codes and what your shipping along with whether it runs or not and I will get you a precise quote back to you within a timely manner. Thanks, Todd
  4. Dealing directly with a company who owns there own trucks isnt easy. Truck companies dont run every route so you could be calling for days to find one. When you search for an auto transport company just dont go with the ones that say get 6-10 quotes. These are lead providers and this where the problems come in. The companies fight over your business and this is when the low ball prices and scamming come in. Call a company that you get one quote hassle free.
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