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  1. The October Bugle is indeed a thing of beauty! There is a person that really deserves most of the praise for how great the Bugle looks every month, but she works "behind the scene". Pete's articles are always fantastic, and the pictures are great, but without the talents of the BCA Bugle Layout Technician, Cindy Wynn Livingston, it would not be nearly as impressive as it is. Cindy took over the layout and graphics work on the Bugle at the same time Pete became the Editor. Cindy quickly made bold and imaginative changes to the bland layout that we used to have and the result is a monthly magazine that our members really look forward to reading. She has more changes in mind for future issues, so be prepared for another leap forward in the looks and content of the Bugle magazine. Cindy Wynn Livingston is a BCA "unsung hero"! Give her a round of applause here on the BCA Forum, please! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Managers
  2. Lost a hubcap off our '89 Riv driving to South Bend. She looks ugly without all four wire wheel hubcaps. Anyone have one they would part with? Mike & Nancy Book, BCA 9202
  3. You can check in at the BCA Registration table in the Gillespie Center, which is attached to the back of the Hilton Garden Inn. Registration will only be open until 10:00am, so plan to be there by 9:00am at the absolute latest so you can get through Pre-Qual so you can be judged. As John mentioned, make sure you have a fire extinguisher. I'm leaving first thing in the morning to drive our '51 up to South Bend, so I'll be out of touch after tonight. I will be around this evening if you need to call me. Call on my home phone (614-471-8219) with any questions you might have. Mike Book, BCA # 9202 2013 South Bend National Meet Co-Chair BCA Office Manager
  4. We were not going to pass up the chance to have that beautiful 1941 series 90 on the South Bend show field! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202
  5. You will need to have it judged to be parked with them, Marck. The Display only cars will be in a different part of the field. Mike Book, BCA 9202
  6. The THUD you just heard was Hank passing out when he thought he had been assigned another position to fill!!!!! Our thanks to both John Scheib for his very appreciated extended duty and to Hank for taking on the huge role of Chapter, Region, Division Coordinator. John has done a great job and Hank will do a fantastic job! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Managers 2013 South Bend National Meet Co-Chairs
  7. I'm working with the hotel people to see if we can't seat the kids with the parents and have a different color "ticket" that would signify pizza and have the kids pizza served with the parent's meal. Not sure if this is a great answer, but we can give it a try and see what the results are. I should have a final answer from the hotel within the next few days. The hotel staff has been getting their vacations out of the way before the Buicks start arriving next month, so getting all the heads in one place to make a decision has been difficult! Mike & Nancy Book BCA # 9202
  8. The Archival awards are given out at the awards banquet Saturday evening. If you qualify for an Archival Award and are not there to receive it, we'll mail it to you after the meet is completed. Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Managers 2013 BCA National Meet Co-Chairs
  9. We were told that 825 ballots were cast. Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Managers
  10. At the request of BCA President Rick Young, we would like to announce the official election results for the BCA Board of Directors. We would like to add our congratulations to Marck, Chuck and Paul, and we would like to thank the remaining candidates for their efforts. We hope you will all consider running again in next year's election. Marck Barker - 589 votes Chuck Kerls - 484 votes Paul Syrdal - 460 votes Jerry Courson - 453 votes Ed DePouli - 451 votes John Scheib - 446 votes Bryan Jake Moran - 389 votes Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Managers
  11. Keep in mind that the number of cars we get in the Driven and Display classes will determine the use of both lots. If we can get both groups on the same lot that is more visable from the main show field, we will do that. Mike
  12. You are fairly close to being correct, John. The 400 point is ok, the 400 point, Archival, Modifiied is ok. The lot that you labeled Driven will be Spectator/General parking. The lot you labeled Spectator will be Driven and the lot you labeled trailer will be display. We may switch the Display and Driven depending on car numbers. To see the trailer lot, expand your map to the left and you'll see St. Mary's College and Angela Arena and just to the left of that you'll see a huge parking lot that will hold the trailers. Mike
  13. For those of you who have seen the aerial view of the parking lots, the Hilton Garden Inn and Gillespie Convention Center are on the left and the Inn At St. Mary's is on the right. Until we know how many cars we get registered the plans are that we will begin parking Class A in the far left parking lot and continue the classes until we run out of room on that lot. We will then start on the Inn At St. Mary's lot with the remaining classes. We believe that the Archival Class and the Modified Class will fit on the Inn At St. Mary's lot, but we need a good portion of the parking spaces up close to the Inn At St. Mary's hotel for the outside vending area. On the far left of the aerial view are two smaller parking lots on the other side of a service road that runs next to the hotel and on back to St. Mary's College. The front parking lot will be used for BCA general parking for those who are unable to find a place for modern iron in front of the hotels. The second small lot will be used for the Driven Class and the Display only cars and possibly the car corral. The big lot you see going back that service road and bending to the left is the huge lot we'll be using for trailer parking. The trailer lot is within easy walking distance to the show field and the second smaller lot is very close to the show field and the entrance to the Registration area. Now, if we do not get as many cars as we currently expect, we'll attempt to move the Driven Class back to the Inn At St. Mary's lot with Archival and Modified. Nancy & I are taking two cars to South Bend, the '51 Special that we've owned for 35 years and driven to California and many other states for BCA Meets as well as our '89 Riv. Our two cars are Display only and will be in with all the other Display only cars. I hope this answers the questions as to where the cars will be. If not, pick up the phone and call me with any questions you might have. The BCA Office number is 614-472-3939. Mike Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Manager 2013 BCA National Meet Co-Chair
  14. In a conversation I had with Rick Schick, National Meet Chief Judge, and Alan Oldfield, BCA Chief Judge/National Meet Assistant Chief Judge, all cars are going to be parked in Class order only. The Archival cars will be all together, the Driven Class will all together, the Display only cars will be all together and the Modified cars will be all together. Due to the possibility of a larger than normal turnout of cars, Rick and Alan felt this was the best logistical plan. As Meet Director, I concur. Our Judges tend to be the most under appreciated and most overworked individuals involved in a National Meet, in my opinion. Mike Book, BCA # 9202 BCA National Office Manager 2013 National Meet Co-Chair
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