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  1. Based on your replies, I've decided to replace both the relay an the circuit board. Thanks for your help.
  2. The wipers on my 82 Riviera do not shut off. To stop the wipers, I have to turn off the ignition completely for them to park. My mechanic has traced the problem to a bad wiper pulse relay (also known as a park pulse module.) We have checked every source we can find, but have not been able to locate one. Does anyone know a source for these or a suitable replacement? The alternative seems to be buying an entire wiper motor assembly which is quite expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Walt
  3. Thanks for the update. I know no one is reproducing a kit, but the website had a source for the leather. My local upholsterer can't seem to find a good match. Walt S
  4. Does anyone know what happened to the Riviera convertible website? When you click on the link, you get a message of "Notice This domain has been redirected". www.rivieraconvertible.com Specifically I was looking for a post on the site that listed a source for leather for the convertible seats. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Walt S.
  5. I have an 82 Riviera with the 5 liter gas engine. I need to replace the flexible tube that's part of the air intake ducting to the air cleaner. Has anyone found a source for these? Thanks, Walt S
  6. I tried the screwdriver trick several times, but it didn't work. In checking the wires going to the motor, there is a direct short across the motor - bad motor. The local glass shop doesn't want to mess with it, but I found a body shop to do it. He wants me to supply him with a new motor to install so he can have it in and out of his shop quickly. Does any one know the GM part number for the window motor?? Thanks Walt
  7. The passenger's side rear window will not go down on my 82 convertible. I've checked that there is power going to the switch. The switch itself is working correctly. I even replaced the switch with the one from the driver's side (known to be working), but it still doesn't work. Is there any way I can test the motor? It looks like to remove the motor you must remove the entire side window. Has anyone done this or can you give me some direction on what to do next? Thanks Walt
  8. I've found the bracket, but I can't figure out how the bracket mounts to the antenna. I have the Chassis Service Manual and a tech article on antenna replacement from the ROA site. The holes in the inner fender don't line up like the illustrations in the articles show. I need a good picture of how it should be. I have a tri-band antenna (AM/FM/CB). Is it different than a regular antenna? Thanks, Walt
  9. Any pics would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Recently I had to replace the rusted front right inner fender on my 82 convertible. When I removed the escutchon nut which attaches the antenna mast to the top if the fender, the entire antenna fell down. There was no bracket holding the antenna to the inner fender. The replacement fender did not include a bracket, in fact there was not even a hole on the replacement where a bracket could be mounted. I have the chassis manual and a Review article on antenna replacement showing where the bracket should be, and I can determine where the hole should be using the old fender as a guide, howeve
  11. Everyone has parts for the front sway bar, but not the rear. Rock Auto did not have them listed on their web site, so I called them. They do not carry them. Energy Suspension has nothing. Local auto parts stores have none. National parts stores like Auto Zone and Advance Auto have nothing. Riviera/Buick parts vendors have nothing. Vendors dealing with out of stock GM parts don't have them. Hence, this post. I've run out of options.
  12. Does anyone know a source for rear sway bar bushings and link end kit for an '82?
  13. I found Barney's ad in the Riview. Thanks to all.
  14. I'm new to this forum, so pardon me if this question has been asked previously. My 82 Riviera has the tri-band (AM/FM/CB) antenna. I believe the plastic strip that raises and lowers the antenna is broken. The antenna stuck half way up and the motor was running continuosly until I disconnected it. I have the chassis manual that details how to remove the antenna, but it says nothing about repairing. I remember several years ago the was an article (the Riview?) on replacing the strip and also where to find a new one. Can someone help me with this?
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