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  1. If that is the case then this is good news. If the mechanicals are only going to be a small part of the overall project, then I feel much better about the idea of going back original. I hope it can be done. I will be the first to admit that I am new to this process and do appreciate the insight.
  2. I really do not wish to entertain what my dad or I should have done. I really would like to focus on where to go from here now that it is my project. The engine will be broken down this upcoming week and that should give me some insight and direction. Remember this was salt water that the car sat completely submerged under for days and then it sat outside for several years. I will work on posting pics. I understand the benefits of going either way and am honestly still on the fence. I completely agree the car will be more fun to drive as original. It will be safer and likely driven more as a restomod and would still be fun. I recognize, that as Matt pointed out, much of the expense will go towards parts that will need to be restored regardless. No way around that. I have been told by two different parties that depending on the condition of the engine etc., it may be significantly cheaper to change frame through engine. This is the premise that I am operating under. Again, I should know more in the next week. I appreciate the helpful posts and private messages which I have received. All things being close to equal, then we will go back original. If not equal and restoration of frame through engine is significantly more expensive, I admit that it does not feel right to me to pour money into a complete restoration that may not be worth half of what it will ultimately cost to fully restore. I say this with no intention of ever selling the car which I guess makes it one of my quirky hangups that I have to work through. For those of you worried about the future of humanity if I do decide to restomod, rest assured that the parts will be sold to people better than I who do not worry about insignificant things like money
  3. Growing up, our family had the priveledge of owning a beautiful 1930 Pierce-Arrow model B sedan that my dad helped restore. Some of our fondest memories as kids were on road trips riding in the back and feeling like royalty. Unfortuantely, my dad's Pierce sat under 18ft of water for several days as a result of Hurricane Katrina. He sold it to a friend who planned on restoring it but found the restoration slow and parts difficult to obtain and expensive. The Pierce has great sentimental value that recently led me to buy the car back. My dad was very excited when he heard I had bought the car back. Unfortunately, his health is not what it was and I do not possess the skills or ability to work on the Pierce. I am prepared to put some serious cash into this endeavor but am concerned that an original restoration could be too expensive and could turn into a bottomless pit. My dad recently spoke with someone who had put $90k into a similar Pierce to restore it and still was not running. This has led me to consider a compete restomod. The goals would be to completely restore the interior and body which would then go on a new frame with engine, tranny etc. Surprisingly my dad got behind this idea and even brought up the idea of dropping in a 430hp LS3 corvette engine. I don't know if all that is technically possible but it seemed pretty radical. It would be a totally different car and I always had the desire to drive that original Pierce. However, I now have my own family and my own small kids and know the real reward will be to have the car completed and running so that we can enjoy the car as a family. The idea of a complete restoration seems intimidating for the above mentioned reasons and the fact that the car will need a lot of work. On the other hand I have not been able to find any mention on the Internet of any comparable Pierce-Arrow restomod undertakings. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas about this restomod idea. Is it completely insane?
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