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  1. Looking for new/used/aftermarket 38-40 hubcap medallions. All help much appreciated, Jeff
  2. I'm looking for someone who can make/supply hubcap medallions for a 1938 Cadillac V16. Any leads, new, used or aftermarket much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hello, Do you still have the 38-90 starter? How much? Thanks, Jeff
  4. His car was originally used by an Australian Prime Minister through WWII.
  5. I have a non-internet friend who would like to buy an unrestored but solid 1939 ser 90 Limited, or sound donor body. he has a car with some provenance, but it is rusted terribly. Hope someone can help.
  6. I have a non-internet friend looking to buy a 1939 Buick Limited series 90 donor car or solid car to restore. He has a very rusty car with some provenance and would like to get it on the road again. Hope someone can help, Jeff
  7. Hello matt, I feel a bit foolish asking, but what is the rocker panel moulding? I assumed it was the panel under the door, but at 96 inches it is is obviously not. I have the remains of a 42-90 that was apparently Gen Douglas MacArthur's car when he was stationed in Australia in WWII. The guy I got it off stripped a fair bit off the car to build a smaller 42 series car to wartime replica, if the parts are not with the car I could put you in touch with him and he may still have them. The remains are badly rusted but the interior is relatively intact with electric divider window and jump seats. Let me know if I can help, but I do live in Australia. (I have a nice 40-90 that I bought from West Petersons family- small world!) Jeff Bidstrup
  8. Looking to buy a water pump kit (or rebuilt water pump) for 1952 series 50. Bobs and Oriellys seem to be out of stock. I live in Australia, so shipping is prohibitive to send core to US and rebuilt back. Any ideas on where I can buy a kit to rebuild myself or a rebuilt pump? Thanks.
  9. I have purchased a NOS passenger side rear view mirror for my 73 Riviera. can anyone tell me where the remote toggle should be mounted in the car please? Thanks, Jeff
  10. I have bought an engine rebuild kit with Egge pistons for my 48 Buick Super. I live in rural Australia, and my machine shop wishes to know what clearance to give the 20 thou oversize pistons. The guys at the shop have never seen a straight eight auto block. Any help appreciated.
  11. I am looking for a reconditioned or recently reconditioned 248/263 motor to replace a tired 248 in my 1948 46C. Complete motor preferred, and any leads appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Thanks to responders for the help, particularly Dale in Indy. I found Chuck Emery in the Buick Bugle and he sells them very reasonably so have bought one from him. it is very interesting to see the panels people make in their workshops, I shall have to try when I retire, Jeff in Australia BCA#39433
  13. I am looking to purchase a rear gravel shield for my 1940 Limited. Any info on NOS, reproduction or used would be much appreciated. is there a difference between series 60 and series 90? Thanks, Jeff
  14. Can anyone tell me the original engine number for 1940-90 Buick, body number 13632710 please? Or can someone tell me where to find the info?? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. Sorry about that, Buick was my reference.
  16. There appears to be two different Royal Maroon paint colors for 1948- I guess they changed through the year? Is anyone able to give me match for them in a modern color? I live in Australia, and the PPG paint shop told me "even a lot of people born in 1948 are dead, and our data does not go back that far!" I would like to be correct, but as important that I like the color. Thanks in anticipation.
  17. Can anyone supply 47 Trim Numbers please? Also, was there much difference in 47-48 trim?