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  1. dialed it & sounds like a private line, instead of a business. what was the price?
  2. Oil has changed over the years. SM/SN has no ZDDP in it. doesn't matter on roller cams & may not on high mileage engines. remains to be seen if this will turn out to be basicly flase like in-leaded fuel/ex valve controversy.
  3. Happy retirement to a great guy! You'll be missed!
  4. So...what happened? A real or phantom listing?
  5. Seem to recall reading on one of the Threads that some of the fancy new headlight bulbs use so little power the computer thinks it's out & there for does something annoying so you'll check the lights.
  6. 2 new sensors, bought @ the same time, didn't help, so cleaning the old one, even if I still had it, probably wouldn't help.
  7. Well, great in the respect that you can crank it up & put in gear & the car moves w/o stalling a number of times. Looks like I'm about down to throwing parts @ it. One reason I usually don't mess with late model cars.
  8. Still runs great with it disconnected. I had tried an AutoZone one as well as the Delphi one w/o any difference. Did I get 2 bad ones? Could it be something else?
  9. OK,a whole lot better, but still not right. Went & did the Power Tour. When you start it up it'll quit a few times until it runs for a few minutes. Doesn't seem to matter if stone cold or operating temp. If just running miles on it the Tour should have done it.
  10. Didn't know about disconnecting the battery. Seems to be a whole lot better now. :-)
  11. It was running poorly with the old one. Got a Delphi one & it won't hardly run with it connected. Seems to run great with it disconnected.
  12. The sensor has crapped out on my '90. A technician suggested that I replace it with an AC/Delco unit only, vs an aftermarket brand. What is your experiences with them?
  13. My driver's side headlight usually won't go up unless I manually raise it to where it starts lifting, once I get to that point it pops right up when switch is hit. If shut down for a short period of time it might or might not pop up. If off for a while I have to spin the dial again.