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  1. Here is one from last weekends Goodguys show
  2. did yoi mean 1929 Model A woodie?
  3. about a month ago, I had a weak moment and put my 48 Dodge B1 woodie on ebay. well it sold and now for the first time in over a decade I am without a longroof. Now I sit with an open space in my garage and a hole in my sole as I miss not having a long roof to call my own. I ended up selling it because after way to many yrs of it just sitting I thought it would be better to have the garage space and extra cash for other project I need to finish. So I may not own one, I will occassionaly check in and see what going on. I am saving my money and hope after I sell another project to be able to afford another woodie (one that is more desireable to me, my wholy grail is a 49 chevy, but I love the 49-51 Fords and 28-31 Model A woodies)
  4. you amaze me.. not only your drive but your ability to tackle a project..
  5. Here is an old picture I have, believe it was taken at Wood N Carr shop
  6. I had a crazy week two weeks ago.. It started off on a Thursday attending the annual Portland Swapmeet. Thursday is the start of action at the race track and Friday is the start of the Expo location. (two swaps meets about a mile from each other). Saturday morning me and a buddy hopped the first flight from Portland to San Diego to attend the Goodguys Del Mar show. Flew home on the last flight Saturday night. (Monday i was off to Hawaii) Here are the woodies from the Goodguys Del Mar event two weeks ago
  7. I thought you might have bought the project sportsman one listed on the HAMB a few weeks back. (I sent you a note about it being found in a larger collection).
  8. Here is a little woodie i have always liked
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