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  1. Don, the love of cars is the reason we all deal with the years of frustration.
  2. John they are cadillacs. There is roughly 30-40 cars out there. Woody I like the century. The floors will need to be replaced but the frames are in good shape.
  3. Im pulling the car to restore it for personnel use. Im not looking to make money on it. I have restored my nova in the past. I do realize what im getting into to a point since I dont know these cars that well. I dont really care for the wildcat. I like the century or 57 special. Iwill be doing everything myself except the upholstry and rechroming i've also got a 48 chevy stylemaster ive got inline to restore as well.
  4. How about. 65 buick wildcat 2 dr convertable?
  5. I'm debating on restoring one of a few Buicks my friend has sitting behind the barn. and I would like to pull the car that is the unique or maybe options that we're not common. How can I determine this information? I've got VIN's, style, body, trim, paint #'s is there anything else I need to determine what information I'm hoping to get? Also how can I go about deciphering these numbers?
  6. I know what the cars are and the year but I'm trying to figure out which is more unique and which has the more unique options. I was hoping the VIN, style#, Body#, Trim# would help me decide which car to restore.
  7. I do have a camera and I have pictures posted in the buick- general forum but not much help. I've also got allot of vins and body tag info on some of the cars that I would like to get as much info as possible on.
  8. Thats why I need the id decoders to determine what year these cars are.
  9. I'm thinking about pulling this off my friends farm and restore it. Can anyone help me identify what these numbers tell me. I couldn't get the ID # since I didn't take my Chain saw this weekend. Style# 48-1019 Body# 4365 Trim# 154 Paint# 376 Dennis W.
  10. So I took a trip down to a friends farm and she has allot of Buicks sitting around so I got most of the ID # and body tag info. Now the next step is identifying what she has with this information. Can anyone guide me in the right direction, on a good VIn decoder. or tell me who I need to send this info to that might be able to help me. Dennis
  11. I've got a friend that has some property with a few classics sitting around and I'm thinking about pulling this one out to restore can anyone help me ID it. Hopefully someone can make sense of the numbers. ID# P755H56922 Style# 55-2519 Body# P10035 Trim# 7 Paint# 64 Top# ACC. BAK
  12. I made it to my friends farm and spent all day taking pictures and getting what ID numbers I can. Here is a link to my Photo bucket so you all can view the pictures, There was allot of Buicks out there. Feel free to post or comment on the photo's. Someone told me that the Buick Wildcat that's out there is the most rare. Fill me in, I'm going to pull one or two to restore. http://s669.photobucket.com/user/denny_w121/library/?sort=3&page=1
  13. A friend of mine has a farm with approx. 60 complete classics sitting out behind her barn. I'm headed down there this weekend to get more pictures and VIN's. But here is a couple cadi's that I do have pics of. Can anybody tell me what year they are? Here is a link to the rest of the photo's I currently have on some of the cars out there. http://s669.photobucket.com/user/denny_w121/library/Field%20Cars?sort=3&page=1 Dennis W.
  14. Well I've been hanging around the forums for a year or so now and I've introduced myself before, but I have recently moved to the St Louis area. I posted awhile back in the buick forum about my friends farm that had a few classics behind the barn. I'm finally headed that way this weekend, anything I need to pay attention to besides VINing and getting pictures of them all.
  15. Ok guys, Now that I'm settled into our new place in Southern IL. I'm headed to my friends farm to get more intel on all these classics she has. Besides getting VIN's and taking pictures is there anything else I should look for or document? Dennis
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