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  1. Thanks for the inquiry. I live about 40 miles Northeast of Dallas downtown. 16 miles from McKinney Texas. I can send more photos by email it seem hard post photos on the site. pbvsrv@hotmail.com
  2. I have for sale my 1928 Studebaker Dictator. A very good car. Older restoration and all original. Good driver, good glass, top in excellent condition, very good oil pressure. Engine could use new detailing for show. Selling due to health reasons. $14,000. pbvsrv@hotmail.com
  3. Thanks for the information on engines and other design items. The car is a Dictator model. It has a six cylinder engine in it. The engine runs great! Anyone interested in buying?
  4. My 1928 Studebaker is for sale. I am in North Texas 40 miles from Dallas. very good condition. Like new top, strong big six engine with good oil pressure. Wood spoke wheels are very good. Must sell due to health reasons. More photos when requested. PBVSRV@Hotmail.com $14,000
  5. Could be the rotor. Had the same thing one time and found the rotor worked on one side but shorting on the other.
  6. I am attaching a photo of the type emblem I need. Thanks
  7. New listing on Ebay for 1933 1934 front wheel bearings balls.
  8. Sounds like your brake wheel cylinders are stuck from storage over a long period. The key lock locks the steering wheel.
  9. I am looking for one hood emblem that bolts to the side of the hood. It is for a 1955 first edition series 3100 truck. Thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has taken the gas tank out from back of the seat and replaced it to the rear of the truck under bed area. Would it be possible to do this. This is on a 1955 1st edition 1/2 ton. If so, does anyone sell a replacement kit to do this change. Thanks for the help!
  11. Dee is correct on all of the installation. When I posted to make sure the tab is in the correct slot, if you are not careful and start the three bolts into the housing, you could as I did when I was 17, think that by pulling up the housing snug onto the block, it was set correct. When I pulled the bolts down tight, it cracked off one side of the housing. I learned the hard way back then with no internet to gain information in those days.
  12. John, I had mine gold plated in 2003. The cost at that time was $360.00. Since then, I am sure the cost of gold has jumped in price.
  13. I had a plating shop do mine with gold plate. I like it.
  14. And be sure to watch for the offset drive tab when re-installing it. My first time to take off a 1935 Ford dist. back in 1947 ended in my breaking the cast of the dist. when re-installing it.
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