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  1. jcrow - Here is a picture of my 1925 Springfield Piccadilly -- the correct bumpers are tubular.  In addition to joining the RROC, if you have not already joined I would highly recommend joining the Silver Ghost Association.  The SGA technical help is excellent, and there are many opportunities to tour with your new car.  And, what is your chassis number?





    S304RK (small).jpg

  2. I am building up a chassis that will eventually be a speedster (most likely look will be mid-teens) -- in the meantime, as I complete the chassis I would like to drive it around to test the mechanicals until I finalize my body design.


    I would imagine I am not alone in wanting to get it on the road without a body -- so, I am trying to accumulate a few pictures of what others have done to rig up a nice (but temporary) seat.


    Any and all help would be much appreciated.  Thanks,



  3. Jerry -

    Thanks for your reply. The Westinghouse generator that I am working on was original equipment in my 1930 Springfield RR Phantom One. The generator has the number 922 stamped on the housing -- and in the RR Owner's Handbook it is referred to as Part # A-9547 (which may be a RR number and not a Westinghouse number?). The regulator is attached to the generator. I am trying to figure out why the generator is not putting out the usual charge -- my ammeter is running slightly negative at normal speed. I am thinking about taking the generator apart to check the brushes; and ideally I would like to have an exploded parts diagram to help me understand how everything comes apart.

    Since your book is for cars up to 1922, I don't know whether or not the generators described in the Wells handbook you have would still be the same model(s) sold in 1930. In the meantime, I took a couple of pictures to help you and anyone else looking at this post see just what my generator looks like -- which might be helpful because I am sure that other cars of this era probably also had this type of Westinghouse generator. Again thanks for responding.



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