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  1. For more info on that 1912 Packard, and a couple of interesting Nationals, Google Brian Blain of Visalia, CA. Bob
  2. Our 1930 Springfield Rolls-Royce Phantom I with Brewster Special Newmarket body is a seven passenger with roll-up windows. Bob
  3. Fall foliage in the low country of South Carolina
  4. There is a plate on the back that shows "VCC 1909" - would validate the thought that the body is from around 1910.
  5. Harold - I would like to buy this book if still available. Bob
  6. Bill - I would like to buy the publications -- PM sent. Bob
  7. Roy - I would like to buy the repair manual -- PM sent. Bob
  8. I am building up a chassis that will eventually be a speedster (most likely look will be mid-teens) -- in the meantime, as I complete the chassis I would like to drive it around to test the mechanicals until I finalize my body design. I would imagine I am not alone in wanting to get it on the road without a body -- so, I am trying to accumulate a few pictures of what others have done to rig up a nice (but temporary) seat. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  9. Jason - Thanks for your reply -- I will PM you to follow-up. Bob
  10. Jerry - Thanks for your reply. The Westinghouse generator that I am working on was original equipment in my 1930 Springfield RR Phantom One. The generator has the number 922 stamped on the housing -- and in the RR Owner's Handbook it is referred to as Part # A-9547 (which may be a RR number and not a Westinghouse number?). The regulator is attached to the generator. I am trying to figure out why the generator is not putting out the usual charge -- my ammeter is running slightly negative at normal speed. I am thinking about taking the generator apart to check the brushes; and ideally I would like to have an exploded parts diagram to help me understand how everything comes apart. Since your book is for cars up to 1922, I don't know whether or not the generators described in the Wells handbook you have would still be the same model(s) sold in 1930. In the meantime, I took a couple of pictures to help you and anyone else looking at this post see just what my generator looks like -- which might be helpful because I am sure that other cars of this era probably also had this type of Westinghouse generator. Again thanks for responding. Bob
  11. I am looking for a parts diagram ("exploded view") of a Westinghouse 6 volt generator (with attached regulator). Any leads to link showing a picture, or any other helpful info, would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  12. automuseum - Not sure of the problem, or if unique to me, but I was unable to open your attachment? Bob
  13. I would like to purchase the Mercer catalogue reprints. Bob
  14. I am looking to purchase a steering wheel for a Rolls-Royce Springfield Silver Ghost or Phantom I. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  15. Looking to purchase steering wheel for Springfield Silver Ghost or Springfield Phantom I.
  16. Tom - I highly recommend the bent tube stems -- they make it a whole lot easier to air up the tires! Bob