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  1. At Hershey CH 32-33 www.vintagepursona.com Collection blowout! First come, first served!
  2. Steve, thanks for the reminder. For a lot of us in the midwest it has been a long time since we have shown a car at an AACA event, so we are looking forward to attending this one. The application for my Sizaire et Naudin, which is sitting on my desk, will be mailed in today. See you in Auburn.
  3. Time to go. Make an offer. Plenty of time to get it going before spring. You pick up in Moorestown, NJ. Bring a friend. It is heavy! Thanks.
  4. To many projects. Time to move the Cushman. $1500. Try to find a cheaper one like this anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Btt. Both the bikes will be at Hershey CH 31-33 Wednesday morning. Thanks
  6. Update. Several of you have asked about the Whizzer I will also be bringing so I thought I should post it. Older restoration bike, 30+ years, with nice patina. From 10 feet looks original but it is not. Horrible respolstered seat. No stand clip and the rear refelctor is missing. It has always been a bike and not built up out of left over parts. Has the Automatic Clutch, bi lite and generator, front brake. I have not had it running but the engine turns nicely. I would not restore it but leave it as is. You just don't find them like this anymore. Will make you a deal if you take them both. Right now will have them at Hershey spaces CH31-33 if not sold before. $2,000.
  7. I am not sure of the year, but I think this is a pretty rare Cushman. This is the only one I have ever seen in person. In the world of cushman's that is saying something. From what I can tell it should be between 1953-59. The model number is 811.40. I have not had it running but the motor is free. It does have an electric start. Not sure if that was added or if motor was updated. If it was they did a nice job. The rest of the bike you could keep as is or restore. It is in pretty decent shape. The floor mat is still in tact. Even the tailight is not broken. Front tire holds air, rear does not. Buy it now for $2200 and take it to Hershey and make a few dollars. I would but I don't have a truck to get it there. Located in NJ just outside of Philly. Be happy to get you better different pictures just let me know what you want to see. Thanks.
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