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  1. I’m in search of light switch for my 34 Plymouth PE. Help appreciated, his switch looks like ti
  2. Update on my search for headlight switch for 34 PE, I found correct knob. I’m still searching for the switch, if anyone has a switch for sale I would appreciate it, thank you for your help
  3. Hi my name is mike, I’m restoring a 34 PE could you call me 408 836-9215
  4. Do you have under engine splash pans, head light switch, original choke knob & cable, original right side tail light body??
  5. Looking for a head light switch and knob for my 34 Plymouth PE, trying to keep everything original, fasteners and all
  6. Hello all I’m looking desperately for a light switch and knob for my 34 Plymouth PE thank you for your help
  7. Sorry it took so long, posted under migsmopar
  8. migsmopar

    Mike Wilson

  9. migsmopar

    Mike Wilson

  10. migsmopar

    Mike Wilson

  11. Rear axle nut torqe spec anyone?
  12. HI, frame is, # D 201139 borg & beck clutch
  13. Hi there ,thank you for the info, Ive" not any photo's in my computer, when I do, will send some to you. I have 28 merchant Express SE panel with 208 cid engine it look's like the photo you sent, do you know how to set the clutch adjustment? thank's Mike
  14. Repainting the engine, anyone know the right color?, thank's. Mike
  15. Anyone out there no how to adjust the clutch on 208 cid standard six, that is in my Graham Dodge SE panel. thanks, Mike
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