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  1. Hi, if you have headlights lenses (9 1/8 Bausch & Lomb ) for Pierce Arrow series 80 1925 jet, please send photo Thanks August mail: augustinas@ajtrans.lt
  2. Hi. I'm looking for Pierce-Arrow 1926 Series 80 fuel primer pump , headlights glasses (9 1/8 Bausch & Lomb ) Thanks August
  3. Hi. I'm looking for Pierce-Arrow Series 80 fuel vacuum tank, primer, headlights glasses. Thanks August
  4. Hello, no don't. On Facebook: Ford model A 1930 Regards August
  5. Hello. It is a pity that I can not find the previous owners. I would extend this R & L history. First of all, I would again like to thank Mr. Galen Handy for the information provided. This is the B-26 model. According to Mr. Galen shall be six in the world and one in Europe - Lithuania. The car has all the original parts and all nodes running. Yesterday I bought the original side lamps. With regard garage - the car than a person should have a nice and clean house.<o:p></o:p> Lamps in the garage I have done the same , it is the Ford Model A, and Rauch & Lang tires. If so
  6. Hello, This is your car is after restoration. If for you or for Ms. Sharp's granddaughters/grandsons can be interesting to prolong this Rauch & Lang wonderful story, I will be happy. I have all historical documents. best regards August
  7. Dear Colleagues,<o:p></o> <o:p> </o> Maybe someone will be able to help me by finding any source of information about the amper/hour meter used in Rauch & Lang 1918, as it stopped working and I have no idea how to fix it.<o:p></o> <o:p> </o> AMPERE HOUR METER; <o:p></o> TYPE M. S.;<o:p></o> NO. 45478;<o:p></o> AMPS. 60;<o:p></o> 90 AMPERESE CONDS PER ONE REVOLUTION OF …;<o:p></o> SANGAMO ELECTRIC COMPANY;<o:p></o> SPRINGFIELD, ILINOIS.<o:p></o> <o:p> &l
  8. Hi, we are an antique automoblie Restorers Association. We are working with each client individually and car. The cars restoring to original state. The missing details of manufacture according to the available knowledge. The parts don't sell, but is usually themselves looking for. It is also organize an antique car outings and exhibitions.(facebook / Ford model A 1930). Thanks for colleague Rusty_OToole,- battery and charger is ok, - new. No this B26 not selling.
  9. Hi, I'm restoring Rauch & Lang 1918, maybe you have a good electrical diagram? More photos facebook / Rauch & Lang, 1918. Thanks.
  10. Hello, maybe you know how works and looks contacts who are in foot brake box (movable contact).Thanks
  11. Hello, I am grateful for the letter. Let's see maybe there is. Maybe you have more parts in the user manual, cowl lamps? Regards August
  12. Sorry, Now this car is in Europe and belongs to me. missing cowl lamps and clocks. Very rare model and I can not find the full information. I have long searched for the car and now I want to properly introduce American history, I do not want to make mistakes. Very well restored my Model A and Lithuania now all can admire and learn about this model. Ford Model A (1930) | Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RauchLang1918?ref=hl Thanks August
  13. Hello, I have R&L 1918, model B26, Can you help to find materials about this car. Thanks Ford model A 1930 R&L 1918
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