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  1. Mc Hinson, I don't know if the age was made up or not but an example of my research (by RW Burgess Administrator) http://forums.aaca.org/f127/youth-membership-203699.html Despite our best efforts, we're not reaching enough young people to increase our membership. I have just returned from the Syracuse Nationals observing the "other" side....and participating. I met up with my Oneita Lake counterpart, Paul Beyer, and had dinner one evening. Naturally the club membership problem came up. His region has about 75 members, and Paul is the youngest at 65 (?) years of age.
  2. My name is Bill, I am a student at Polk State College located in Winter Haven, Florida and my professor is a long time member of your club. He has assigned me a case analysis of AACA with the problem of "Lowering the average age of members from 60 to 50." I have done alot of research on your club including getting a few questions answered via your club's email address already. I do not want you to do my homework, I am just interested in getting your opinions on a few issues just like a good manager would like to get feedback down the chain of command at your job. I apologize if it offends you
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