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  1. I live in Cisco, TX. my father did a little research, and he said this was probably a USPS truckster, dime a dozen i guess. but if anyone is interested. reply to this post, or message me directly, and we will see if we can work out a deal! thanks for your time!
  2. this is my neighbors scooter, he asked me to post it, and get some more info, and said he would be very interested in trading or selling it if at all possible! i dunno, i took the photos, and figured id post em for you guys! My dad used to collect / restore cushman, i just never got the bug i guess! anyway, here ya go! as promised all the photos below: he was very curious about the assembly of the scooter and the mechanics, and the basic history!, if anyone had anything to contribute, id greatly appreciate it!
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