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  1. The front Windshield is on Ebay and I've hopefully gotten back with everyone.
  2. Pictures of the seats I have for sale.
  3. I am traveling from the Chicago area down to West Palm Beach next week. Then I will be heading back going up 95 to Richmond VA then thru Chicago back home. I'm also traveling to the Northwest in late July. I have TC parts from various cars and colors that I can deliver along the way.I have black and white body parts including black hood, black fenders, complete black and white doors, rear view mirrors, grill, black front and rear bumpers(black and white), white and black trunk lids, exterior trim pieces, rear turn signals, 29,000 mile bottom end of a 89 Turbo II and 413 transmission(still has the top end on it right now) , a GREAT pair of Bordeaux color seats(leather is still soft and supple), glass(front windshield, quarter windows with working motors, door glass), ginger center arm rest, NOS spare tire cover, nice umbrella, and a bunch more stuff that is down in my basement and garage. These parts came from rust free cars. I am not looking to get rich but I'm also not going to give these parts away. I'm looking at fair market value for these parts and if you are on the way then it saves you money with shipping or getting parts destroyed. I'm retired military, have a %100 eBay rating and I'm a active SDAC member. Let me know what you are interested in and I'll send you pics and a price. Thank you, Harold 757 277 4530 haroldmahannah@hotmail.com
  4. Front TC original Masi Windshield $500. Has been removed with no cracks or damage done to it. I can deliver along I90 to Spokane the next 2 days then I will be picking a route to Southern Oregon from there on the 3rd day. Leaving Wisconsin tomorrow morning. Return trip from Southern Oregon can be on 80 with weather permitting. Harold PH 757 277 4530 haroldmahannah@hotmail.com
  5. Well, After 2 hours of frustration trying to get the stuck screws out of the kick panel to access the ABS controller on Larry's TC in Chicago we have given up for today. He is going to work on it this week. Once we have access and it is tested I will relist it. Harold
  6. Saturday the controllers I have will be tested. Harold
  7. Bob, the wires were cut because the forklift was coming to take it to the crusher and I couldn't get the harness to release in time. This came from a 1990 black V6 TC with tan interior. I understand your concerns and changed the listing with a money back guarantee. I tried to buy both TCs that came thru the Yards this summer but they wouldn't sell so I pulled as many parts as I could so that others may live on. Salvage yards don't care about how rare a car is. I've been buying and selling on ebay since 1999 (sandiegoshelby), have a % 100 rating, owned TCs and sold many of you parts. Hope this fixes the leery part. Harold USN Retired 1982 Rampage 1983 Scamp 1985 GLH T2 1987 CSX 1988 Consulier GTP LX 1990 Lebaron VNT 2005 Chrysler Town and Country
  8. http://m.ebay.com/itm/261625561247?nav=SEARCH Harold
  9. I have a craigslist add out and thought I would advertise it here also. The last of my TC parts. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati 5 speed Gertrag 284 Transmission, shifter, shifter cables, intermediate shaft, and fly wheel. I sold the engine and have these parts left over from a 77,000 miles car that was totaled. $800 for all of it. Will sell parts separately. Can box up and ship or deliver locally. Call/text or e-mail me. Harold 757-277-4530 1989 Chrysler by Maserati 5 speed Transmission Gertrag 284
  10. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati 16 valve Engine and 5 speed 284 Getrag Transmission with 77,290 miles on it. The VIN is ZC2FR1101KB204215. I have the car fax report for this engine and can send it to you to look at. From the VIN I found out this is one of the last TCs designated for 1989. The car was in an accident and what you see in the pictures was removed and has been stored. I currently do not have time for car projects and want to pass this a long to someone who will put it to good use in a TC or performance application. Not sure on the forum rules as far as listing a price for it so I will list one. $3000. That is flexible. If you just want the engine or transmission separately the price changes. I'm not on here very much. Please contact me at 757-277-4530 or haroldmahannah@hotmail.com , Thanks, Harold
  11. I forgot to put a reserve on the intercooler hose. Someone will be getting a deal. Harold
  12. Send me your number or give the list your number. Thanks, Harold
  13. Yes, I would ship them in one box and charge the actual price of how you want it shipped. Harold
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