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  1. I do have one in great condition! (See picture attached). I'm asking $350 plus s&h by UPS or Postal Service...please advise.
  2. I was consulting the car parts book and I believe that the 1940 parking light lenses doesn't fit the 1941, but please double check!!! I was double-checking and they say 1940 (sorry I need better eye glasses). But I still got the 1941 hub caps, (1940-47) standard transmission (complete), (1938- 41) horns, (1940-41) center grille assemble and a 1940 complete side grille. Sorry for the inconveniece.
  3. Thank you for writing! For that year I got: - Horns like new and in perfect conditions for $200. - Set of 4 hub caps that says Packard in the middle; original for $150 - Parking lights lenses complete to install; original for $60 - Other miscelaneus parts, just ask...
  4. I got 2 1949 transmissions for sale one is ultramatic and the other is standard overdrive, you can call for details at 787-797-6356, 787-393-5195...
  5. PS...For the 1938 I have a double horn for a 8 cilinder car.
  6. I got parts from 1942 - 1948 models you can give me a call at 787-797-6356 or 787-393-5195... to give more details... Thank you for asking....
  7. Oh, no problem, the fact that not everyone knows like you that PR is a USA territory and think that we cannot ship to the US. In fact all the parts I got came from the states. The thing is that I have more that I can manage and want to sell some. So feel free to comment, thanks again.
  8. Yes the area code 787 is from Puerto Rico, but I can ship to USA...via UPS or USPS...
  9. I got many parts for sale!!! Motors, parts, accessories and many more, just contact me by phone and I can advise!!! 787-797-6356 or 787-393-5195 and I'll gladly reply if I got what you need for your car... Jose Deliz
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