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  1. Thanks John. How much for the repair kit? I will keep it in mind, if I have no go wih the other 2 places.
  2. thanks for the info. I checked out the website looks like they have one. Thanks again now we can get this lesabre back on the road:)
  3. thanks Mark, I found the website and sent him an email. I hope he has one. Been looking everywhere
  4. INFO: 1st generation 1960 Buick Lesabre, built in Flint, asking $15,000. Black on White exterior. Black on Red Interior with beige color on seats. garage kept, Only 3 owners. All original except tires, windshield wipers plugs & wires...ect. Original carpet in the interior. headliner in this car is mint, not a tear or rip anywhere. Fairly new exhaust, all trim is there and on the car. all the rubber looks good no cracks that I could find. even the hoses in the engine compartment look good. 364 Wildcat V-8. Automatic transmission. Power steering, Power brakes. All the glass is good. all the windows operate like they should. Interior is in great shape except for what is listed below. body is straight, no dings, body alignment problems, or dents. All 4 original hubcaps are there. The owner said it rides great. reason below on why I haven't test drove it myself, YET. 40,047 actual miles on the car. The owner said he has never drove it in the rain. The car is located in Mason, West Virginia. Serious inquiries Only!!! my inspection on the car: INTERIOR: * seats need resown (no tears just stiching came apart in a few different spots front & back seat) * passenger & drivers side door grip handles needs replaced or redone. * the dash has a few holes drilled in it where the previous owner had a CB installed in the car. (*******...lol) * Steering column needs repainted in one spot * passenger side running board (that holds down the carpet) needs replaced OUTSIDE BODY: * rear bumper needs rechromed (one spot the chrome has split and is coming off) * headlight bezals need rechromed (pitted) * body wise this car is solid & straight. I took a magnet around and tested all the trouble spots that these old cars usually get and only found one spot that had been fixed with putty. on the front passenger side just behind the tire is a spot that is about the size of a nickle. * it needs a new paint job. the owner had it painted in 2004 and the guy that painted it didn't know what the hell he was doing. He only painted what you could see and only taped up the trim. there are a few runs in the black paint that I seen on the bottom part of the car. He never even touched the door jams or under the front hood lip, There is some yellowing in the white paint in a few different spots, just to give you an idea of his "GREAT" Craftmanship. * front bumper is in pretty decent shape & I think it can be buffed up to a great shine. but won't know for sure until I get a chance to detail out the car. no pits from what I could see, just dull. * front grill (not sure if it is supposed to be a chrome shine or not. it is a little dull. sort of like what stainless steel or aluminum would look like not polished, if you know what I mean) * both outside mirrors are original and need rechromed.(pitted) ENGINE COMPARTMENT: * Battery plate is ate up pretty good. looks like it had a battery at one time or another leaked onto it. * currently the water pump is out and looking for one. (the reason why I haven't drove the car myself or heard it run.) * Owner said the fuel pump looses it's prime sometimes. (I think that could be a fuel filter myself) * also he said the windshield wipers sometimes stick on and constantly run. So he has that unplugged (if I were to guess, that could be the switch.) * engine compartment is kind of dirty at the previous time, doesn't look like anything was ever done to keep it clean. He said he has never done anything to the engine compartment. I guess if someone didn't take a bath for 52 years they would look a little grimey too...lol TRUNK COMPARTMENT: All original carper is there except, passenger side carpet side panel needs replaced needs repainted on the underside trunk lid itself. looks like the spare tire rubbed up against it through-out the years and took off some of the paint. (it still has the original sticker on the inside trunk lid on how to store the spare and jack up the car. I thought that was pretty cool that it was still there). DRIVE TRAIN: *he said that if you stand really hard on the brakes they will lock up, but putting it in reverse unlocks them. (I will be looking at that as well to see what that could possibly be. Might just need flushed out and new fluid put in) *I was unable to get undeneath the car to inspect it properly. But, from what I could see it looked in pretty good shape. Contact me through here or email me info@trenchroxx.com
  5. Looking for a water pump for a 1960 364 wildcat engine for a lesabre
  6. Looking for a water Pump for a 1960 Lesabre with a 364 Wildcat engine
  7. I know this is an old post. So I hope you still check it. Do you have any engine parts? I am on the look-out for a water pump for a 1960 364 Wildcat engine for a lesabre. if you have one PLEASE let me know. thanks