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  1. Looking forward to checking that out.

    I for one think each of you 3 have done/continue to do great things - the Executive Directors have been worthy Mayors of our little city!

    Like I mentioned book is nice - AND I appreciate the Buick on the cover!




  2. Hi Nat-

    There's a long story that goes with this car and my genuinely wanting to own a 1924 Moon automobile. We're aware of the pending number of hours and costs. Fortunately, we have the right car, (complete and solid,) from the right guy, (Moon Club President,) and restorer friends that I've worked with over the years. I have a couple other cars - some shiny; others well.... not so much. 

    We do intend to use this car for both "show and go." 





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  3. Our hard cover book arrived this week!

    It is nice and I read several accounts from people we know. 

    They didn't print our interview - but maybe there is limited capacity for individual stories.

    In the front they skipped William "Bill" Smith - former National President and longtime AACA Executive Director between Bill Baumgartner and Steve Moskowitz.  (That seemed odd, unless I missed it.)

    Otherwise not a bad effort.








  4. My son Clay and I were all set to bring my Roadmaster Limited and his Opel Kadett wagon - unfortunately, both developed technical issues we couldn't address before leaving Virginia. 

    Graciously John switched out the Roadmaster for our Encore so we could still be "on the field."

    And Gaye Liddick certainly represented Opel with his perfectly restored 1967 Kadett. (I think it's great that Opels are starting to pop up more at shows and events!)

    Shady Maple Smorgasbord was great as was Boyertown Museum....a few of us also hit Clair's Restaurant for breakfast in town before leaving Saturday. 

    Thank you to John Scheib and Larry DiBarry for their kindness to us and to all involved for your hospitality and hard work putting the show together. 


    *Clay is wearing one of my old BCA shirts from 1992 - (oddly it doesn't fit me anymore. 🙂)






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  5. I wasn't going to comment here but golly there are so many gripes! 😬


    I've gone since 1979, first with my folks, then on my own or with pals, then with my  wife and our young family, and now with my grown kids and their friends...I LOVE IT! I look forward to it every year and really don't mind if there are some changes or space movements or adjustments or whatever. I'm just HAPPY we have  a HERSHEY to go to! And I'm THANKFUL to the Region, National and the locals, volunteers and area businesses that WELCOME us every year. I don't care who wasn't there - I appreciate those that were there! Sometimes we enter a car in the show, other times not. This year I was able to hit race car evaluations - that's a hoot!  Most importantly I reconnect with dear friends sometimes only this one time a year.- LONG LIVE HERSHEY! 

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  6. I rescued some Ford and Dodge literature from the rains - later bought a nice 1937 Buick shop manual. 

    Bought an old model  Mack fire engine, 2022 Meet t-shirt & bumper sticker, some delicious food and some Museum gift shop and Chocolate World items too.

    Think that's about it - oh there was plenty to buy - I was just better behaved this trip!

    Drove our 1966 Oldsmobile F85 from Virginia and entered in DPC - that was fun too.






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