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  1. 1977 Mercury's exterior is painted with Code 7L Light Jade Metallic, and its classified as (RPO) Unique Colors (Non Polish) "D" I can look up the pantone for this color, but what does the non polish part mean? Does anyone have a picture of an example of what this may have looked like on the factory floor? Was the color rare?
  2. I finally received my newest toy, a 1977 Mercury Marquis Colony Park wagon. She will need a few cosmetic things sorted out but my first project is to repair the tailgate window mechanism. The glass goes down fine, its the up part that is the issue! The motor runs and the glass can be pulled up, but its like the motor doesn't have enough torque and once up, the gears back drive. Access to all of it is near impossible, so this is going to be fun! Anyone have and slick hints or tricks?
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