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  1. Best of luck with the restoration, I look forward to seeing your progress. I have a 1925 Dodge Brothers 4 door sedan that has just under 25K original miles on it and have had it storage for the last 15 years, I have been going through the car to get it back on the road.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I thought about replacing with sealed bearings but the car has such low mileage on it and were in great shape I left them in. I'll probably order some new bearings for the next time I have to pull the trans.
  3. Dang! Good catch! I'll fix that. Thanks again for the help, much appreciated
  4. Thanks for everyone's help, I had two cork seals in there where the thrust washer goes. All good now.
  5. The one right below where it says cork retainer, cork?
  6. IMG_1162.mov video clip showing locations of thrust washers and oil slinger
  7. I see that one that you are referencing and it is in place. This is a different thrust washer.
  8. Here are pics of the two locations it fits at, but the wear marks on the washer dont match with any of the gear or clutch surfaces?
  9. Hi, Yes its a 1925 Dodge Brothers Trans, and I can't see anything showing this washer location. I do have sectional drawing from the manual but it does not show the washer I'm thinking it may have been added at a later date to take up "slop" in the gears possibly?
  10. Haha Right! Thanks for the reply, the washer does fit in two places on the sliding gear shaft but the wear marks on the washer does not appear to match either location.
  11. Hello, I've searched all the forums for transmission rebuilds and can't find any info on my issue, seen the time laps video of the trans rebuild and its not very useful in that format. Can't seem to find any exploded views of the trans either? I have the mechanics manual but the images are dark, anyway I disassembled the trans a few years ago with the intent of rebuilding right away but work got in the way. I have the time now and am able to reassemble the trans but cannot remember if this thrust washer was in there originally or where it goes if it is supposed to be in
  12. I ditched my water pump and replaced it with a 12v remote water pump, Google Search it and you will find all kinds of different configurations. I'll post pics of my set up shortly, but I mounted near the fire wall recessed into the frame rail.
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