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  1. Hi Bud. Thanks for the information. This is engine is puzzling. I would like to build a pulling tractor and If this F198 does in fact have the same block as the F162, I could use it to get more hp. The goofy thing it appears to have the same bore as the F162...That would mean it has to have a longer stroke to equal 198 cu. in. (That is if F198 means 198 cu. in.) I found a man in the eastern part of the US that says they have one...but he wants $3000 for it. I think that is way too much though. I may look into those other sites your talking about. If you learn any more information on thi
  2. Hello all. I'm new to this forum and figure someone here could help me out. I have a Continental F162 cubic inch Flat Head engine. I know this block was used in the F124, F135, F140, F162, F163 engine. But doing my research on full gasket sets and bearing sets for this engine, I noticed they listed the gasket set fit a Continental F198 engine. I'm wondering what a F198 engine was used in and if the block is the same as the F162. I think (from internet research) the F198 had the same bore as a F162 but must have had a longer stroke. Can someone tell me about this engine? I may want to tr
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