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  1. We are in Farmington NM 87401 you can call me at (505)326-3757 or (505)320-1926 i will get some pic posted it a 2 door the motor is a F head inline 6 . the parts we need are tail light leneses right and left front bumpe rear bump the W that in the grill the trunk W and vent hoses as we get deeper in to it i we see what other parts we need Thank you for your help Tater
  2. Im looking for a few parts This Car was my mom s high school car it is in good shap just need a few thing for it eny help would be great
  3. Hi People Im new here im looking for help to find some parts for a 1954 willys aerolark it was my moms high school car the car is in good shape just need a few thing eny help would be great